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    It does reveal the “multi-verse” is real (unlike how Mysterio only pretended), and that is how we got the to see characters from other spidey films.


      Ok, that was rather awesome. I wasn’t much into anything Marvel anymore, but that ending was spectacular. I’ll go see this one now.


      Compared to the other shlock the MCU puts out, it was a decent trailer…but don’t let the member berries blind us to some confrontations that don’t feel earned to me.


      I’m feeling conflicted about this movie. I’m a long time Spider-Man fan and I’m fairly accustomed to Tom Holland’s version of the character. I recognize that he’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and many people prefer either Tobey McGuire or Andrew Garfield and that’s perfectly fine. Seeing the lightning indicative of Electro, the signature menacing cackle of Green Goblin and then Doctor Octopus, you’d think I’d died and gone to Superhero Heaven to converse with Stan Lee. Plus, barring a push-back, it’s dropping on my freaking Birthday. I should be excited. I should doing cartwheels and bouncing like an idiot. Frankly, I’m hopeful but I also recognize that MCU Phase 4 is going in an extremely unwanted direction. I’m hoping for the absolute best, but I’m already prepared for the worst.


      Damn i got excited for this, thinking theres still hope for the MCU before Brie Larson shows back up with a Muslim sidekick, but as @Roas said….its the Memba berries kicking in. Cheeky bastards almost had me.


      all recent spidey movies were meh for me. Watchable, sure, but nothing special. Tom is a good actor, but they made him like a clown spider-man who’s easily bullied by girls. I don’t get how that’s appealing… like… it worked with Mclovin in Super Bad, but that was a comedy movie… lol



      Honestly a pretty decent trailer.  This might single-handedly save the MCU from total embarrassment this year.


      Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer Opens Up a Can of Worms

      @AlexGherzo meets everyone he’ll ever know a little early as he reports on the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer for Geeks + Gamers!



      My Spidy senses are tingling…IT’S A TRAP! I’m sorry; I don’t mean to be a Negative Nancy and I don’t wish to be but I agree with MaverickEndeavor on this one. I’m sorry but since this is in collaboration with Disney and Phase 4 MCU…I don’t trust shiny-looking trailers from them anymore!

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      The only Phase 4 MCU movie that could actually be decent


      Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer Looks Frickin’ Amazing

      Thinking Critical


      I will admit setting up the Sinister Six would take a looong time in 1 franchise, so if they show up in this that would make sense. I could dig it like a ditch.



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