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    I just found out about this recently: Universal Pictures is planning on doing a reboot of the 1996 classic, Twister. Variety and Hollywood Reporter have the story.


    ‘Twister’ Reboot in the Works at Universal With Joseph Kosinski Eyed to Direct (EXCLUSIVE)


    Is there still even a big fan base for the ’96 film? I haven’t anyone talk about Twister in like a decade.


      The original was good!  I suppose they want to diversify the cast🙄


        The original is a classic. I’m still sad Bill Paxton died. Same with Philip Seymour Hoffman. I hope if they do it they do it right. Most of the tornado movies I’ve seen since suck.


        I’d be concerned that it’ll get turned into some epic, end of the world type of movie instead of the focused, small scale movie that the original one was.

        Personally, if they were going to reboot it, it would be better as a tv series that way they can use new characters, develop those characters over the series and have them chase different storms throughout the season. They could even do a prequel-est series to show us how Bill and Jo met and how their relationship developed. They could even introduce Bill’s rival Jonas Miller and show how that relationship developed. I’d rather watch that than a reboot movie.


        Yes there is, actually. There’s a Twister Museum in Wakita, OK with actual props from the film, a replica of Jo’s 1980s Jeep truck and Bill’s 1995 Dodge Ram, and a petition for a legitimate sequel to the original.


        I don’t even know if I’ll watch Into The Storm from 2014 because of how bad it sounds like it is.


        I’m still willing to give the reboot a chance – since the director of the film also directed Tron: Legacy, and the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick.


        I really enjoyed the original film seen it in theaters. I still have a VHS I recorded when the movie was about to be released in theaters. The interview was with Helen Hunt, Bill Paxton and Jami Gertz on The Oprah Winfrey Show right after they showed the movie called Night of the Twisters even though it was a made-for-television disaster film I thought it was decent. I’ll give the reboot a chance just have to wait until a trailer is released.


        It’s a solid natural disaster flick helmed well by Jan De Bont coming off Speed (which was a surprise hit at the time). The effects by ILM were ground breaking.

        It is dated but Paxton, Hoffman and Hunt all did well.

        RIP Bill

        You get the right story and hook for this and it will work. I’d put the odds of this happening at around 20%.

        As many of us are aware WB has had quite a few misses of late.


        There are fans of this movie? There are people who think this movie is good? Even watching it in the theatre, I couldn’t wait for the MST3K crew to tear this movie apart. They later did with RiffTrax.

        The effects weren’t good, the storyline was laughable, the plot of the movie was getting tiny sensors into a Category 5 tornado to get better data and be the first to do it because apparently, if multiple people do it, capitalism will only fund the first company?

        NONE of what they did was realistic aside from the fact that there were storm chasers who tried to do this, but radar and satellite technology have outpaced the sensors that would do what they did in the movie.


        Hollywood is not the land of realism though is it?

        Its entertainment and people in the Midwest who deal with tornados love this film.

        Btw I also really love Jami Gertz in this.

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