VERY interesting video from Crowder on streaming contracts

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      This video more or less has nothing to do with politics.  It’s all about the streaming world and how some contracts work.  It is beyond interesting and informative.  It explains why you see some things happen that seem unexplainable in the streaming/content world.





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        I think someone was trying to put the screws to him and was somewhat successful at it and he is exposing the hypocrisy of it all. Surely he expected the boot from Big Tech, he has always felt it on his neck but when it came from someone or something “friendly” I think it was more than he could bare.

        Now his attempt at being a content distributer as well as a maker is super interesting as well.


          Holy moly!

          So Crowder never named who the contract came from nor the amounts.  But it was from the Daily Wire to him because they made a video about it.  I am not sure anyone is really in the wrong here.  The Daily Wire proposed a restrictive contract and Crowder said no.  Pretty simple.  I think the angst is because they were friends and Daily Wire low balled Crowder.  So on a personal level I see the aggravation but on a business one I think this is pretty normal fare.



            Rekeita did a couple videos on this and agreed with Crowder that it is a crappy contract.  But here is Mark Dice who talks about this situation and essentially torches EVERYONE.

            I am posting this because it’s a good point of view on all of this and he provides some interesting details but I disagree with his take on Crowder.   Dice is caught up on the 50 million price tag and he keeps claiming Crowder outed the Daily Wire which is simply not true he never mentioned them once.

            I think all of this is just a disagreement about business among friends.



            50 million is what everyone talks about, but Styx says the power given to Big Tech may end up giving Crowder a pay cut from where he is now.
            50 mil for 4 years and he has to pay all production and gets penalized if he gets canceled is complete BS. Crowder should just do it all on his own. They are lowballing him and I understand his frustrations
            A few years ago Ben Shapiro and Alex Jones were going at it Alex threatened to talk to the billionaire’s behind Ben Shapiro

            The 50 million is a smokescreen. Daily Wire was gonna make Crowder pay for the production of his own show meanwhile they would own the product.

            I’ve been listening to streamers so long that when I hear ticket-taker shows, it’s all ad reads. Like one big commercial with very little show. It’s something I’d never waste time on.


              Here is another good take on this especially from a business perspective.

              At the end of the day I don’t think there is reason for hate in either direction.  It was just a contractual disagreement.



              Daily Wire are going about it like a law firm or studio, Crowder is going about it like an artist. Both are fucking idiots for doing this in public, but that’s to be expected from the right. The art of propaganda is unknown to the right


                My take right up to the Phone Call being released was this.

                This is a bad look for Conservatives, the offer was an opening offer, anyone who has ever done contracts knows you start with a low-ball offer with plenty of wishes and demands…. The offered party can simply walk away or can make a counter offer. If a Counter is made then starts the negotiations with offer and counter until both parties come to a contract they both can agree with.


                Knowing that it should have simply been done that way and kept private. But we then get from what I can tell this time line. Correct me if im wrong on it.

                Around or about October the Offer was made.

                The offer was then rejected by Crowder.

                Next we have Crowder starting the “Con-website”

                Next we have him Calling his friend about the October offer in January 3 to 4 months later roughly.

                Then we have Crowder coming out with the “Contract” video

                Within hours we have a lot of people pointing out it was daily wire

                (Suspect on my part but as fast as it came out it was TDW it seems like it was leaked who)

                Then because of all the speculation of heat at TDW they make a video.

                Then after the video was made by TDW, Crowder releases a taped recording of the conversation with a Friend (NOT the entire call) ((But selected parts of it)) and Business associate. Why not release it all? Could it be in full context it would validate what TDW said? We do not know.


                So here we are today,  I cannot after looking at all that transpired with a timeline wonder if this was not a plan by Crowder….. Regardless if it was or not…. Both Parties admit to being friends for over a decade, so DICK MOVE by Crowder on recording a friend… That violates ALL Trust. It makes people suspicious of you to outright not ever able to believe you again.


                Some will say the offer from TDW was a BS offer….AGAIN this was the opening offer and in negotiations you never start at the top, you low offer and negotiate… So that is a moot argument to anyone who has done contracts. I have and have had to negotiate for a better deal even though the person was a “friend” I will even tell you there was a “No Compete Clause” they wanted me to agree to for 5 years, I told them No, They also wanted my client list to become theirs even if I left, Again NOPE after a few days of back and forth we came to an agreement and final contract after the lawyers looked it over.  SO NO the argument of the offer was BS does not stand the real world test.

                I think both companies look bad in this, and it has two of the biggest conservative voices or should I say Business’s openly fighting. It is not good for Conservatives look . But I also must look again to that timeline of events, and unless someone has something I missed or got wrong. I CANNOT Trust a man who would what it appears violate the confidential conversations of a friend. But more it actually appears by the timeline to be a full on set-up of the friend and his business.

                I am no fan of either, listen on rare occasion to both,  so no dog in this fight. Just the observations of someone looking from the outside in.



                  I have heard this situation described as “2 parents fighting in front of the kids”.  Which I think is true.  Meaning it is unneeded, harmful and while there is a disagreement it could be handled in a much better manner.

                  I think both sides got their feelings hurt and are lashing out.  I want them to shake hands and make amends. This petty squabble helps no one.

                  Both organizations do good work and both need to continue.

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                  Tim Pool’s videos (including the one with Candace Owens) have been the most objective in my opinion.

                  Crowder is supposed to appear on the show this Monday.

                  Reserving judgement until then.



                    Well, I got Board last night so went back and watched what was out there from TDW and Crowder again just to make sure I didnt miss anything.


                    TDW after being so clearly called out made a video where they went over the contract in detail…… Maybe that word “Contract” is what people are getting confused. It was NOT a “CONTRACT” as people think of them, which is the end stipulations and agreements to which the parties involved agree to and sign.


                    It was a “Terms Sheet” or as we use to call them a “Preliminary offer” No one in their right mind would ever sign one of those as they are 100% biased to the person making it. They are customarily a low ball offer often with crap in them that makes no since to you as the person receiving it for many reasons. Such as (You might never been in “A Situation it notes” OR “You may already own something it says it should own if you get on this or that” so many things.


                    So what typically happens is you get the Term Offer, and either walk away laughing, or you make a counter to see if they are serious. If it appears they are, then you call in the Attorneys “Because only a moron would not” and you start making Offers which are countered. This is what I believe happened from my opening post and after double checking confirmed the “Term Sheet” was what was sent…. Let me yell this so people who have never had business dealings understand it, CROWDER WAS NOT OFFERED A CONTRACT, HE WAS GIVEN A TERM SHEET, BIT DIFFERENCE.  If he was serious he would have made a counter and then got the attorneys involved  to start the “NEGOTIATIONS” and sometime later they would have had a “Contract” to sign.

                    But in doing the research last night I did get a more accurate timeline, though my original is close enough to let stand for this thread.  After relistening to crowder it is 100% clear who he was calling out, there could be no mistakes, which he knew would “or at least hoped” would force them to respond. So he could then drop the tape recording.

                    It is my personal belief at this point Crowder set-up the Daily wire, using friendships to do it. THE letters POS comes to mind. I come from the old school of you do not record conversations with friends PERIOD. Hell you do not record people without their knowledge in what is assumed to be a private conversation, ever.  You do not screw your friends PERIOD.  If he has ever done contracts he would know that was merely a terms sheet sent to him, he would know to get the lawyers involved and negotiate and he would do so in good faith. After seeing he has a NDA with someone (name escapes me) and he has worked with other companies I cannot help but to believe he knows what it was.

                    If all that is correct which I believe it is, then he did this intentionally, and the motive is to make money for himself on his new CON-SITE and Mugclubb. Well I wish him well, but like CNN and other places I cannot trust, I do not have to watch him and sure not support him…. Daily wire may want to look at a new policy where no conversations are held with friends about any business unless its face to face with lawyers present. Because the one bad apple friend just ruined it for all.


                    Crowder says take on Big Tech.
                    DailyWire is working with Big Tech and beholden to Big Tech and giving editorial authority to Big Tech.


                      That Tim Pool and Crowder discussion I thought was going to be a total mess.  I was wrong. Very wrong.  It was wonderful and informative.

                      I think both Crowder and DW have good points in this “disagreement”.  But they are both sort of acting out and being overly sensitive I think.  Especially Candance Owens.  She is acting childishly and lashing out.  I understand her point of view and I get why she is angry but she is just handling it poorly and letting her emotions get the best of her.

                      I respect everyone in this disagreement.  No one involved is either Satan or saint.  I wish they could just shake hands and agree that can be friends they just disagree how a creative business should be run.

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