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      That interview has done NOTHING to change my wind.

      I was talking to friends last night and it looked like Tim was throwing softball questions at Crowder and I was told that is just Tim, Kinda backed up this morning on the net by other people saying it.

      I did pick up on a few things, at one point Crowder said he was not going to go off on calling names or naming then instantly said Candace. Let me make this clear, I am no fan of hers, I honestly think she has become part of the machine and lost site of whatever it was she started out as. Then there was a point where crowder said there was no negotiation but his lawyer sent a counter (or something to that affect) So I DOUBT we are being told everything. Hell I know we are not because no DW interview.

      Would it be interesting to hear a rebuttal from TDW? Sure bit IMO it would just be more compounded drama, ya great for the internet but honestly not for either business. This should have been handled IN PRIVATE! Never should have seen the light of the internet for sure. I will say 100% I would never have dealings with Crowder, not that I would, but, How could anyone ever trust him?

      That I believe it the question everyone should ask themselves fan of him or not…. If A FREIND of yours recorded a conversation or hell just told people about a private conversation that in all reality should be private, would you ever trust them again?

      No grey area the answer is yes or no… for me it is NO as private means between only those involved and to breach that trust is to forever lose it with me.


      I have to agree, after looking at the interview last night DW comes off the better of the two parties.

      I mean:

      *If Crowder didn’t like the terms then leave and start your own company…surprise, surprise he did weeks earlier.

      *There’s a difference between negotiating and making demands. He’s demanding that DW not treat anyone like how they’ve treated him. Yes you’re a big player in the game but this is not your outfit, who are you to be making such demands. Go start your own company…oh wait, see previous point.

      *Penalties…this is the big issue and I’m having a hard time trying to understand Crowder’s position. He wants “FREEDOM” to supposedly compose videos anyway that he wants. But what if those compositions results in the loss of or elimination of revenue if his videos are demonetized, struck or stripped of their advertisers? What makes him believe he should be paid in full if he’s not bringing in revenue? I suppose he expects that the other DW artists who are following the company’s rules should foot his bill. Nah, nope, no way.

      *What the hell did DW allegedly trying to poach one of his employees have to do with him recording the telephone conversation? This in my opinion had nothing to do with the issue but was simply an attempt to “muddy the waters” by casting aspersions on the integrity of DW.

      Regardless of what he says, Crowder’s actions reek of subterfuge and I don’t trust his motivations in this instance.


      To be clear DW isn’t blameless here either. It wasn’t so much going public as it was the desperate attempts at damage control by their current crew (Ben, Candace, Peterson etc.) that made them look foolish. Some were needlessly defensive and arrogant when they should have just let the boss handle his business.







        One thing I keep thinking about is this: No matter what platform anyone goes to they still have to play under the rules of someone. You piss off Google for instance they could simply ban you… Was a time people would say NO WAY… Um if you say that now you have not been paying attention. Not just google but many other ISP’s could Yeet your ass.



        The more information comes out, the more it appears Crowder is in the wrong here and really is just motivated by greed.

        DW is acting entirely like a business. They are willing to invest money in a talent, but then add in safeguards against losing their investments.

        Talent doesn’t deliver the 190 or so shows a year? They keep some of their investment.
        Talent gets banned from social media and loses their revenue stream? They keep some of their investment.

        Crowder wants DW to take on ALL the financial risk alone. That’s not how this works.
        These same kind of contracts exist all over the entertainment industry. I.e. music labels will have retainers protecting their investment, should an artist go off the deep end with drugs and alcohol. Bam Margera is one such case.

        I get what Crowder is saying about DW not standing up to big tech, but he’s missing the bigger picture. DW are building an infrastructure to compete with big tech and hollywood. That costs money. So any talent they hire has to bring in a profit. Today is not the day for fighting. That comes when you are on equal footing. Crowder just wants to bum rush into a battle unarmed, lose, and have DW pay the bill.

        That’s unwise. The fact that he made all of this public, then recorded a business phone call and published that without permission shows a severe lack of character.

        I will go out on a limb and suspect that Crowder is a secret antisemite having his Kanye West moment.

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