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    I am a massive Star Wars fan. Of course, I hate the trash that is being released now (with the exception of The Mandalorian; that show was incredible and I wish Carano was still there!). I talked to somebody I know (won’t reveal much details about this person).

    She made Rise of Skywalker even more trashy than it already was. How? She stated that she was unhappy that they killed off Emperor. She wishes they redeemed him.

    Haha! She would make this movie even worse than it already way (which is quite and achievement if you ask me).

    Anyone would agree?


    We had fan theories that is was Darth Jar Jar behind the whole thing, being the puppet master to Palpaltine.


    So while the “Fall of Skywalker” film was the redemption of the Palpaltine family line (until ep.X reveals Rey is a Sith after all – having used the powers of the light side/Jedi to remove ALL others – “because there can only be one”).


    So I can see them, after Vader was redeemed, that Sidious will be too (the redemption of the evil empire of KK and the house of mouse).


      As well written as the character of Palpatine (originals and prequels) is… fuck him! I can’t stand people like him, and as terrible as the sequels are, I’m happy he got his ass kicked by his own grand daughter, while Vader/Anakin, who really is a good person deep down inside, got to spend the last 10 minutes of his life finally free and truly happy with his son

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      There is no film after Return of the Jedi.


      Hell just let me write a Star Wars movie and even an amateur like me could craft a better story than Evil Aunt Kathy anyday here is a link to my idea for a Star Wars movie.

      If I could make a Star Wars movie..this is what it would be


      Nah, enough of the redeeming villains. Disney would ruin that even worse. The Expanded Universe did the whole Palpatine’s second reign way better and I haven’t even read it yet (aside from summaries).

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