What games are you hyped about?

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    I’m coming from a pure PC prospective, but I’m really hyped about these three games.

    3. Forza Horizon 5: I’m a big car guy *I have a 18 mustang gt, and they wife has a 2021 JLU wrangler*. I’m curious how they are going to do in Mexico.

    2. Age of Empires 4: I’ve been playing AOE since the original on my old gateway gaming right with a voodoo5. This game was the game for LAN parties back in the late 90’s. This game is a pure nostalgia trip for me.

    1. Battlefield 2042: Battlefield has always been the game I build my pc around. I’m a battlefield player at heart. I hope Dice really comes through with this game.


      Interesting topic sir.

      Forza 5, The Outer Worlds 2 and Stalker 2 are the only ones I am interested in at this time. So much other stuff seems “meh” OR I choose not to indulge in wanting it (I am reserved even with my list) without seeing something concrete first as so often marketing/reviews have lied to us.

      Right now I am playing Biomutant. Biomutant taught me the lesson to just ignore the video game MSM because they are all in the pockets of the big companies. They will talk up big company projects and talk down small company projects. Biomutant got totally smeared by the video game MSM as garbage. Is it the best game ever? No, but it’s pretty damn good and it is very unique. I heard those positives only from independent and small reviewers.

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      1. Metroid Dread
      -I’ve wanted this game to happen for so long and I’m a big Metroid fan. How could I not be hyped?

      2. Bayonetta 3
      -Love both games and were the only action games to top Devil May Cry 3 so of course the third game is gonna be most anticipating even if there’s no new info.

      3. No More Heroes 3
      -This series isn’t perfect but it’s always been fun and stylish with great boss fights and a protagonist who’s probably the best idiot ever.

      4. Ender Lilies
      -It looks like Blasphemous with a scythe-wielding snow loli.

      5. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
      -Yeah it’s been out but that game is the ultimate hype machine. Really liking that Kazuya is in and I can’t wait for the last DLC character.

      So yeah, Nintendo is still on fire and the only videogame console that matters to me besides the PC.



        I have always loved Nintendo. Their games are just fun. As soon as the Switch Pro happens (assuming their is one) I am going to snag it. But like you I mostly only play on PC. The couple times I bought a console I ended up never using it for long.


          Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, despite the disappointing map reveal.


          At the moment Metroid Dread and Pokemon legends


          Steam deck looks very interesting. If you can upgrade the storage via m.2, then this might be my next purchase.


          nothing really… i would like to get some news about Beyond Good and Evil 2, but at this point I ain’t even sure if the game is going to come out anytime or be cancelled. :/




          For me has to be Battlefield 2042 been playing them since 1942 and shall be streaming that and also warzone , the whole portal idea has got me a little hyped too but just hoping they dont do support class dirty like they did  in bf1 and 5 :P  EA ID is just Straith pic of deadpool and BN is Straith#21105 . Other than that not much xD just play were the crowd is.


          Possibly Dead Space (remake), but the games I wanna play on the ps5 are already released like; Persona 5 royal, Persona 5 strikers and my entire PS4 library (that I haven’t beat yet.)



          I’m looking forward to Metroid Dread, which to me seems to be an interesting game. I haven’t played much of the Metroid series, I’ve only played Metroid: Other M for the Wii. I have always thought the Metroid games looked interesting, considering the sci-fi world the story takes place in and the futuristic characters and themes featured within each game.

          I’m also looking forward to Sonic Colors Ultimate, a remastered version of Sonic Colors. I have not played the original Sonic Colors released for the Wii back in 2010, so I would be considered a newcomer to this game.

          I typically look forward to the release of the next Need for Speed game, since I have enjoyed the games in the NFS series and playing racing games in general. Other racing games I am keeping an eye out for include Dangerous Driving 2, Hot Wheels Unleashed, and Gran Turismo 7.


          Totally forgot about metroid dread and prime but definitely getting those too.


          I know this has been memed to all hell as of late but I am very much looking forward to patch 6.0 otherwise known as Endwalker , the latest expansion for the critically acclaimmed mmorpg Final Fantasy 14 that currently has a free trial in which you can play the game up to level 60 and complete the Heavensward expansion for free


          ……but aside from Endwalker Im also looking forward to Pokemon BDSP , Pokemon Legends Arceus and Shin Megami Tensei 5


            The Pitt DLC for Fallout 76. I know the game gets a lot of flak and it’s mostly deserved, but I have fun with it.


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