What is wrong with certain anime fans?

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    So, yesterday I made a video about the new Netflix Gundam movie being made. Long story short, I don’t have faith in it. As videos go for me, it’s been received positively, but then last night and today, I get a couple of elitist Gundam snobs trotting into my comments and basically saying I’m no real Gundam fan cuz I made one mistake, totally talking down to me. Trying to hammer me because I “haven’t watched enough Gundam” so basically I’m worse than even a casual fan.

    What the ever loving fuck is wrong with these kinds of fucking anime snobs? We are living in a world filled with SJW woke assassins trying to kill anime, with powerful companies like Funimation doing their bidding, and these kinds of twits wanna pick a fight with me because they don’t think I’m hardcore enough for them?

    Seriously!? I don’t freaking understand it! These kinds of assholes are what still give anime fans a bad name! How fucking hard is it to just say, “Glad you are into this Franchise, but you’re a little wrong, here’s why.” Instead it’s, “You are wrong. You need to watch more. You’re just a casual fan. You’re worse than this subsect of the fandom.”

    God freaking dammit, I hate fucking keyboard simp cowboys like this! Gotta whip out their two inch dicks onto the keyboard to try and alpha someone when these fucking simps are god damned gammas!




    K…I’m done.


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    Gundam fans are pretty hardcore. I like the action figures but I never watched the anime xD I would just leave them be.


    @Hazu …I didn’t…since they weren’t SJWs, my no engage rule wasn’t in effect. I called them out for being elitists :P

    I just fucking hate snobs. Even when I know more than someone does in whatever series, I try to not be a know it all dick and simply engage for the fun of the series. Even when I hate something, like when Attack on Titan first started being discussed here…I said why I felt it had jumped the shark and gone off the rails as a series, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t take a dump on anyone still enjoying it.

    On a side note…I did read the end of AoT…I wasn’t impressed, but I guess I wasn’t going to be no matter what considering I did not like where it all went after the big time skip.


    Ryan just basically made my case, but used the whole Revan Twitter shit as the vehicle. It’s exactly what I’m talking about with anime fans.




    Now, of course, someone might say I’m a hypocrite with my current stance on saying sides must be chosen in Real Star Wars .vs. Disney Star Wars, but I’m not saying these Disney Star Wars fans aren’t Star Wars fans…I’m saying they’re choosing the wrong side. They are still fans, they just supporting the version of Star Wars that isn’t Lucas’ vision.

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    Anime fans in general are often quite toxic, pushing anime everywhere. And some communities are worse than others, like Gundam have elitists, MHA have a lot of fragile young female twitter warriors (=normies), JoJo have the annoying people trying to shove JoJo down everyone’s throat and so on.

    I actually see a lot of similarities between anime and k-pop as someone who enjoys both (I expanded from anime music to jpop to kpop). The content itself is very enjoyable for me, but the toxic fandoms often gives it a shitty reputation and for someone who lacks knowledge about either one of them often have a twisted and false image of it caused by the misleading fans you encounter.

    So to summarize my answer for your question: young age and the immature ”my opinion > your opinion” mentality


      People like that, whether they’re screaming reylos or snobbish anime fans, they’re all SJWs, which as @Megazord_Jeremy pointed out, doesn’t mean social justice warriors anymore, but means stupid fucking wankers 😁 The things they’re talking about may differ, but their behavior’s the same


      i mean i understand both perspectives, but they should have been more polite in their corrections, especially since it was a small thing, overall you seemed generally knowledgeable in your video,

      there are always gonna be people like this in every fandom, its just the price of doing youtube, theres many more where they come from, especially when you hit 1k 10k 100k etc.


      Same can be said in any fandom. And Gundam fans can be very hardcore at times.

      I wouldn’t let a few people ruin it for you :)


      Well said, all. Thank you for the responses. After a night’s sleep I’m a little calmer on it this morning.

      I think part of my reaction, and blow up last night like this, was a final straw moment. I am genuinely disgusted with the behavior of people in general these days, and having a couple of Gundam snobs come to me, someone who’s been watching and consuming anime for over 35 years since I first saw Robotech on TV as tiny guy, kinda pushed me over the edge.

      As I said, I’ve reached a point this week where I am disgusted with how people are behaving towards one another. I won’t try to pretend I’m perfect, and I know on this very forum I’ve probably been a dick on occasion by some perspectives, but I do strive to at least start everything civilly and with respect. I’m not itching for a fight or to place myself on a higher level to look down on people. I am honestly excited when someone, new or old, reveals interest in something I enjoy since people like that are few and far between in my life these days. So I look forward to conversations, and if it ends up I have more knowledge on something I see it as a moment to share that knowledge in a fun way, not as an elitist.

      I mean, I know the internet is full of trolls. I’ve dealt with them since this damn thing started and forums and chat rooms became things. I just reached a limit yesterday due in part, I also think, to the existence and constant threat of SJWs trying to tear down everything good. When there is a common enemy at large, I simply cannot fathom the immaturity and short sightedness of continued in fighting in fandoms when all attention must and should be focused on repelling the woke tide still trying to swallow up everything we love.

      Today is a new day, and I’ve managed to reset my tolerance to a certain degree in large part because these forums are a place where I can come to engage in this kind of mind clearing discussion.


      A certain number fans of any fandom tend to be quite purist and will tend to take unnecessary pride in knowing the in and outs of a franchise (some Transformers fans are notoriously infamous for taking a dump on anything that isn’t G1. I get the 80’s cartoon is a beloved childhood memory for those who grew up on it, but for a brand to stay relevant, it’s going to have to take creative risks).

      Like, lmao, knowing how quantum light-speed travel works doesn’t make you a “better” sci-fi fan, for instance. That knowledge holds no weight in the real world. Nobody cares. You just look like a jackass. Let people enjoy things.

      Mind you, in recent years, I’ve noticed debate in some circles in regards to the topic of gatekeeping. Ten years ago, I would’ve automatically dismissed gatekeeping as toxic, but ever since geek culture went mainstream, we’ve seen SJW’s and normies infiltrate, subvert and destroy our fandoms and communities. Worse, so many content creators, people who we thought understood us, abandoned us in favor of their new audience, telling us to get lost and that we were no longer welcome. So I guess the hard lesson to be learned here is that gatekeeping is perhaps necessary up until a point.

      I agree though that this wasn’t it. It’s really important for all of us to make the distinction between a neophyte who doesn’t know much but wants to get into it more and someone who just seeks to re-appropriate something for their own political ends.

      If someone starts tone-policing and and begins making “suggestions” on how to improve an otherwise “problematic” piece of creative expression, they deserve to get thrown out on their can.

      Like for the British slang.

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