What Movie Would You Actually Want to See Remade?

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    Amen to that. I actually liked Prometheus, and I was really surprised they didn’t go the direct sequel route with Covenant. Left me disappointed.


    I’m curious of what you thought of Dragon Ball Super: Broly. That’s essentially a reboot/remake of Broly, since the older movies are non-canon. Given your name and your icon, I’d assume you’ve seen it.


    I’d be very interested in this. I’ve never been a huge fan of the Jurassic Park series of films overall, but it often seems like miniseries that are structured closely around the source material can turn out very good. This would be cool. Thanks for the comment!


    Highlander is an interesting one. I always loved the story and concept, but I enjoyed the TV series more than any of the films.

    I had read a while ago that Ryan Reynolds was in talks to play a MacLeod in the Highlander Reboot that was being planned…One of the John Wick directors is working on it. I don’t have super high hopes for it, but we’ll see what they do I guess :)


    I kept message board pitching a Romancing the Stone remake with Josh Holloway, Rachel McAdams, and Paul Giamatti as Lost was winding down as I had a mancrush on Holloway (still do) and really thought he could’ve been a big-time movie star coming off that series. Sadly that didn’t happen.


    I had someone in particular in mind for Snake myself, as I also wanted to see that series come back.

    See my post below.


    John Carder. As long as they stay true to the books. Too many times they just ruin the movie by not staying true to the books or combining them and making a short movie and taking out to many crucial points.


    I hate dbs broly, the movie story is bad the srwing of shitani sucks, the only good part is vegetta ssj gotto because it is drawn by Yuya Takahashi !

    dbs Broly yell 32 times during 40 minutes, it’s his only line !

    they ruined Baddack, they ruined the saiyajin lore !

    fick that shitty movie


    Well first I dont trust Hollyweird to total SJW remakes any more….BUT  I would like to see Excalibur.  Shot for shot….well maybe change the Merlin cave, that was just weird.




    Here my top 10

    10 Lord jim

    9 free Jack ( i want faithful version of book )

    8 Catalina Caper

    7 John carter

    6 firestarter

    5 Needful things

    4 the dark tower

    3 dolomite

    2 Ghost in the shell

    1 the Bussy body


    No with the terminator


    Gattaca maybe i want to a Remake of that

Viewing 13 posts - 16 through 28 (of 28 total)
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