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    I was going back to the Crow Soundtrack recently.. The movie, music came out when I had just lost my mother to cancer. a horrific death,.I’ll spare the details,.. but I never saw not as a child, not in the service, or the years after that a death that terrible.. I can still hear her screams when I close my eyes…

    so a lot of the music helped me cope.. deal with it, and all the stuff that came with it..

    “Someone take these dreams away
    That point me to another day”

    I already had enough nightmares.. this helped..


    Rammstein underrated? At least here in Finland, it’s always on the radio. My nephew’s blasting them, Sabaton and Powerwolf constantly.



        I love that guy.


        Been listening to the theme from “Blood Machines”

        Blood Machine Theme – Carpenter Brut



        I typically listen to a ton of Powerwolf (especially their latest album) and Sabaton. Thought recently I have been listening to a ton of Synthwave mixes on Youtube. Probably because of Cyberpunk 2077. If I am doing work on the computer I listen to old folk music.


        Years ago I listened to folk metal but I now find the lyrics to be super cringe. The sound is great but the lyrics are trash.


        Let it Brie on Youtube

        Hey, it is Friday Night.


        Nerdrotic hosting his show with guests including Jeremy.


        I just recently discovered Diet Cig, The Wants, and The Beths. All are excellent and are poised to be some of my favorite releases of the year.


          Ooh listening to Type O Negative right now. Been a huge fan of them since I was a kid.

          Happy to see some good music tastes here btw!


          Recently I’ve been listening a band named Charon. I don’t know their genre, I just call them straight version of HIM haha.


          Basicly a  MetalHead, And Country, but also  Punk, Eighties Songs, Iron Maiden is my main Band, also Pitchshifter, they had some songs in certain videogames Like  Test Drive 5, and in The Crow Movie

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          new static x album , easily best album since machine


          Honeymoon by Beach Bunny

          Probably one of my favorite albums of the year so far.


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