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      Which artists/bands are you listening to recently? Include their genre as well, so people can find new people to listen to! For me, I’ve been listening to a lot of Heilung (Norse Folk), Dreamcatcher (K-Pop), Black Tiger Sex Machine (Electro), and Bing Crosby.

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      Twenty One Pilots & Rage Against the Machine

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      Last few CDs I’ve bought and that are in heavy rotation are Kreator’s – Live at the Roundhouse (thrash metal), Metal Church – From the Vault (metal) and Testament – Titans of Creation (thrash)

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      Mostly Nu-Metal stuff like chevelle, Slipknot and Orgy.

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>I’ve been listening to early Talking Heads and “Psycho Killer” being my favourite. The best version of it is the clip from the Old Grey Whistle Test- the rawness of it is fantastic. Also The Undertones “Teenage Kicks”, New Order’s “Blue Monday” and ZZ Tops “Cheap Sunglasses”</p>

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      I tend towards general pop music but if I like a track the genre doesn’t bother me. A lot of the time I find a new artist to listen to from whatever the demons who control the YouTube algorithm conjure up. Most recently this has been a French singer called Marina Kaye. ‘The Whole 9’ and ‘Twisted’ are the tracks.

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      I’ve recently discovered a danish bands called “Myrkur”. It’s dark folk/black metal and totally rad!

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      Ice Nine Kills. Just a perfect metal sound, and I love how every song from their last album, and a few from the album before are based on horror movies.

      Parkway Drive. Absolutely incredible breakdowns and intense tracks. Best band ever to witness live.

      Falling in Reverse – Popular Monster, Drugs.

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      Within Temptation – Sharon den Adel is lovely. What more is there to say. :)

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      Man with a Mission and Band Maid

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      Backwordz – MetalCore/Nu-Metal/Rap – This is Eric July’s (@youngrippa59 on Youtube) band

      Vintersea – MetalCore (female fronted with amazing voice)

      Lady Beast – Classic Metal (Female fronted)

      Beast in Black – 80s influenced Modern Prog Metal (personal favorite)

      Celldweller – Future Rock/Metal (if you’d played video games in the last 20 years you’ve probably heard something by Celldweller)



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      Tesseract (prog metal)
      Earthside (prog rock)
      Katatonia (prog metal/rock)
      Insomnium (melodic death metal)
      Caspian (post-rock)
      Russian Circles (post metal/rock)
      In This Moment (heavy metal)
      Paradise Lost (gothic metal)
      Wolfheart (melodic death metal)
      Amorphis (prog/melodic/folk metal)
      Soilwork (melodic death metal)

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        Gonna have to check these out. Have you ever listened to Igorrr?

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          No, have to add that to my listening queue. Thanks!

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      I’ve been listening to Tool’s latest album Fear Inoculum on repeat. Also put on The Crow soundtrack last night. Have a feeling that’s gonna be on repeat as well.


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        I was going back to the Crow Soundtrack recently.. The movie, music came out when I had just lost my mother to cancer. a horrific death,.I’ll spare the details,.. but I never saw not as a child, not in the service, or the years after that a death that terrible.. I can still hear her screams when I close my eyes…

        so a lot of the music helped me cope.. deal with it, and all the stuff that came with it..

        “Someone take these dreams away
        That point me to another day”

        I already had enough nightmares.. this helped..

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      I’ve been in the mood for Balearic music recently (calming): Bluesolar, Chicane, Solarstone, Sunlounger, Worakis, Joachim Pastor. Also some Conjure One and Delerium.

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      Speaking of metal bands fronted by women I love butcher babies.

      I dont really know what they get classified as Euro metal maybe(?) but Amaranthe, Epica, Avatar, Eluveitie, nightwish…

      Then there are the formerly good band called Disturbed. Their last album turned them from metal to Rush. I kind of like rush they put out a fantastic sound for a three piece set but that is not what I wanted when I put the new disturbed cd in the player.

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      Twenty One Pilots, Dax, NF, and Tom MacDonald

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      Los Tigres Del Norte, they did a Folsom Prison Blues remake/cover. Cash family approved, check it out.

      Rage Against the Machine

      Public Enemy

      Sofi Tukker



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      Artist: Al Bowlly

      Song: The Very Thought of You

      Artist: Bing Crosby

      Song: Moonlight Becomes You

      Artists: Eric Tingstad & Nancy Rumbel

      Song: Eyes of Amelia

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      So there is this guy named Justin on Youtube, he is part of a band called Tallah but he also has a account called Hungry Lights where he has a bunch of solo concept albums which I really enjoy to listen to, I think he is really talented and hope part five of his series From Windfall To Hell comes out ASAP.

      It’s definitely something different than what you get normally as he uses the music to tell stories he is also writing a novel about

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        I love that guy.

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      With all this free time in lockdown I’ve finally got around to listening to My Bloody Valentine (noise pop) and have been kicking myself for not doing it years ago.


      Also loving the new Puscifer single Apocalyptical.


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      I just started listening to Breaking Benjamin

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      I listen to almost all styles, depends on the mood. :P

      Recently I’ve been listening to:

      Kanye West (808’s & Heartbreak)

      KiD CuDi (A Kid named Cudi)

      Cake (Fashion Nugget)


      Billie Holiday

      Sam Fender (Hypersonic Missiles)

      Nas (The Lost Tapes 2)

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      Tom MacDonald and Madchild’s collab album Killing the Neighbors
      Madd Maxx
      J Reno
      G-mo skee
      Tech N9ne
      D12 (hip hop group)
      Obie Trice
      UGK (Duo group)
      Mission: Infect (hip hop group)
      Reel wolf (collective of underground artists)
      Stevie Stone and JL
      J Irja

      A lot of my favorites are underground or old school rappers. Eminem is mainstream now. I listen to a lot of his older stuff.

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      Nine Inch Nails



      And some anime opening like Evangelion’s, Rewrite by Asian Kung-Fu Generation (Fullmetal Alchemist’s 4th opening), both Vinland Saga’s openings (Mukanjyo by Survive Said the Prophet and Dark Crow by Man With a Mission), One Punch Man’s, Again by Yui (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 1st opening), Unravel by TK (Tokyo Ghoul’s opening)…

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        Rammstein & NiN are underrated. They need to get more airtime on the local ‘rock station’.

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          Rammstein underrated? At least here in Finland, it’s always on the radio. My nephew’s blasting them, Sabaton and Powerwolf constantly.

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      A little bit of everything, but these albums in particular have been getting a lot of spins:

      Manic Street Preachers – Rewind the Film

      Athlete – Black Swan

      Feeder – Tallulah

      Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown

      The Flaming Lips – King’s Mouth: Music and Songs

      British Sea Power – Valhalla Dance Hall

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      i have been religiously listening to sabaton & the persona 5 strikers ost like half the day

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      Remember Me – Dove Cameron. I’m not that into pop music but i really like her new song, it has a dark and haunting vibe to it

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      Been listening to the theme from “Blood Machines”

      Blood Machine Theme – Carpenter Brut


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      I typically listen to a ton of Powerwolf (especially their latest album) and Sabaton. Thought recently I have been listening to a ton of Synthwave mixes on Youtube. Probably because of Cyberpunk 2077. If I am doing work on the computer I listen to old folk music.


      Years ago I listened to folk metal but I now find the lyrics to be super cringe. The sound is great but the lyrics are trash.

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      Let it Brie on Youtube

      Hey, it is Friday Night.


      Nerdrotic hosting his show with guests including Jeremy.

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      I just recently discovered Diet Cig, The Wants, and The Beths. All are excellent and are poised to be some of my favorite releases of the year.

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      Ooh listening to Type O Negative right now. Been a huge fan of them since I was a kid.

      Happy to see some good music tastes here btw!

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      Recently I’ve been listening a band named Charon. I don’t know their genre, I just call them straight version of HIM haha.

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      Basicly a  MetalHead, And Country, but also  Punk, Eighties Songs, Iron Maiden is my main Band, also Pitchshifter, they had some songs in certain videogames Like  Test Drive 5, and in The Crow Movie

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      new static x album , easily best album since machine

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      Honeymoon by Beach Bunny

      Probably one of my favorite albums of the year so far.

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      Jared James Nichols

      I generally listen to what I’m learning or playing on the guitar, so Jared James Nichols has been on my radar lately. It’s like if you took Zakk Wylde and mixed him with Stevie Ray Vaughn. Great blues player and plays a single p90 Les Paul guitar without a pick. Gnarly guitar player.

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      new album nuklearth is very good, if you like technical death metal of course

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      I have the new Nas album on repeat

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