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      Which artists/bands are you listening to recently? Include their genre as well, so people can find new people to listen to! For me, I’ve been listening to a lot of Heilung (Norse Folk), Dreamcatcher (K-Pop), Black Tiger Sex Machine (Electro), and Bing Crosby.


      Twenty One Pilots & Rage Against the Machine


      Last few CDs I’ve bought and that are in heavy rotation are Kreator’s – Live at the Roundhouse (thrash metal), Metal Church – From the Vault (metal) and Testament – Titans of Creation (thrash)


      Mostly Nu-Metal stuff like chevelle, Slipknot and Orgy.


      <p style=”text-align: left;”>I’ve been listening to early Talking Heads and “Psycho Killer” being my favourite. The best version of it is the clip from the Old Grey Whistle Test- the rawness of it is fantastic. Also The Undertones “Teenage Kicks”, New Order’s “Blue Monday” and ZZ Tops “Cheap Sunglasses”</p>


      I tend towards general pop music but if I like a track the genre doesn’t bother me. A lot of the time I find a new artist to listen to from whatever the demons who control the YouTube algorithm conjure up. Most recently this has been a French singer called Marina Kaye. ‘The Whole 9’ and ‘Twisted’ are the tracks.


        I’ve recently discovered a danish bands called “Myrkur”. It’s dark folk/black metal and totally rad!


        Ice Nine Kills. Just a perfect metal sound, and I love how every song from their last album, and a few from the album before are based on horror movies.

        Parkway Drive. Absolutely incredible breakdowns and intense tracks. Best band ever to witness live.

        Falling in Reverse – Popular Monster, Drugs.


        Within Temptation – Sharon den Adel is lovely. What more is there to say. :)


          Man with a Mission and Band Maid


          Backwordz – MetalCore/Nu-Metal/Rap – This is Eric July’s (@youngrippa59 on Youtube) band

          Vintersea – MetalCore (female fronted with amazing voice)

          Lady Beast – Classic Metal (Female fronted)

          Beast in Black – 80s influenced Modern Prog Metal (personal favorite)

          Celldweller – Future Rock/Metal (if you’d played video games in the last 20 years you’ve probably heard something by Celldweller)




          Tesseract (prog metal)
          Earthside (prog rock)
          Katatonia (prog metal/rock)
          Insomnium (melodic death metal)
          Caspian (post-rock)
          Russian Circles (post metal/rock)
          In This Moment (heavy metal)
          Paradise Lost (gothic metal)
          Wolfheart (melodic death metal)
          Amorphis (prog/melodic/folk metal)
          Soilwork (melodic death metal)

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          I’ve been listening to Tool’s latest album Fear Inoculum on repeat. Also put on The Crow soundtrack last night. Have a feeling that’s gonna be on repeat as well.



          Gonna have to check these out. Have you ever listened to Igorrr?


            I’ve been in the mood for Balearic music recently (calming): Bluesolar, Chicane, Solarstone, Sunlounger, Worakis, Joachim Pastor. Also some Conjure One and Delerium.

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