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    Public devlog, mostly on status conditions:


    Public devlog, on a new generic stat engine (with a screenshot):


    Public devlog on passives and logic workflows:


    I’m currently working on my personal RPG engine. It’s an amazing task to combine mechanics, graphics, and storyline components. Every line of code produced and feature added pushes me closer to my dream game. The path is difficult, but the satisfaction of creating a one-of-a-kind gaming experience from scratch is unparalleled. I’m excited to share my progress with other enthusiasts!





    Public devlog on items and the inventory interface:


    What will be the overall arching plot or theme? Will it be 3D or 2D? Do you have plans on writing game yourself?


    The premise is that a System from another universe has created a shell program to allow human gamers on Earth to remotely control a kind of golem on a world the System manages. (This allows the System to get around some annoying permission settings preventing it from intervening on the world as much as it would like.)

    The interface is primitive at best, since it’s spanning universes, and coincidentally, it will look something like the famous “blue boxes” from LitRPG novels. :)

    Because of relativistic time discrepancies, every action taken by the player occurs instantly, regardless of how much time passes on the remote world, and no time passes until the player takes an action. But it -is- a world, and everything the player does will have an effect on both the world as well as the player, and the world won’t wait on the player: things will be happening everywhere as the player takes actions.

    I want the player to have as many interesting character and world progression options as possible, and to do that, I’ve ditched graphics entirely. As said, the interface will look something like a Unix shell, except that it will be mouse driven (and as comfortable as I can make it).

    I’ve made a lot of progress, and am having more fun making the engine than I can ever remember playing a game, so if nothing else, that’s been worth it. :)

    I’m hoping I can write multiple sorts of games in the engine, from the above sword and sorcery RPG, to a galaxy-spanning sci-fi ship-based RPG.


    Sounds good to me. It sounds like a developer whose passionate about making a good game. I’m on board.


    Public devlog on action context topology:


    Public devlog on world turn phases:


    Public devlog on world perspective balance:


    Public screenshots of the new action interface:


    Apart from the dynamic world, functioning akin to an ecosystem where even the slightest actions impact it, I’m crafting an RPG-style engine that adheres to the traditional “defeat monsters to grow stronger for greater challenges” cycle. The extensive and unchanging decision trees, reminiscent of classic RPGs, have lost their appeal to me. This approach also keeps in mind the importance of community-driven initiatives like Cataclysm Private Servers.

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    Public devlog on continuing interface improvements:


    Public devlog on the item treadmill:

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