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    I know it’s been a while since I last mentioned my YouTube channel getting deleted, but a lot has transpired since January, so I’ll put a basic list for everyone to get caught up.

    1) Immediately following my channel’s deletion, I reached out to other Fandom Menace channels starting with Jessi Milestone, who I caught during a livestream she and Jeff were doing. Later that week, she mentioned me when she did the Matriarchy with Anna, Kelly (Jedi Bunny), and Merry Mayhem after I told her the history of my channel. After the Matriarchy ended, I went over to Drunk 3PO’s stream he was doing with Jeremy and Star Wars Theory, to which Jeremy mainly shouted me out, and said that one of the only ways to directly contact YouTube was through Twitter (which I didn’t have an account at the time). The last new shout-out I got was at the beginning of one of Jeff Hicks’ streams where he noted my channel’s deletion to raise awareness and show me some support.

    2) A few days after my channel was deleted/suspended, I made a rant video on my DDayJedi channel mainly breaking down what had happened, showed clips of the shout-outs I got from the people I just mentioned, and while I kept myself in check for the majority of the video, I just lost it towards the end. Just last month before I turned 24, I did a second video that explains in detail the history of my McFrozenNuggets channel from when I first started in December 2013 all the way up to January 2021. Both of those videos got downvoted to hell, and the comment section was almost all trolls that were celebrating my channel’s deletion. To be fair, there were some comments that were rather supportive of me, which I absolutely appreciate. They’re just being drowned out by a bunch of ignorant cunts who are behaving like absolute pussies over a creator speaking his mind.

    3) The day I turned 24 (March 22nd), with some encouragement of a good friend of mine on Instagram, I made a new Twitter account (my third one already), under the name of McJediNuggets, and the first tweets I put out were to directly contact Team YouTube in regards to my channel.

    tweet 1 (1)


    I then explain to them the reason why whoever chose to delete it due to “targeted harassment” and producing “deceptive content” is false while playing the identity politics card against them with the fact that I’m a disabled person with Asperger’s Syndrome and essentially a voice for all disabled people out there, especially for those with Asperger’s:



    Then I tell them about the two videos I did on DDayJedi covering my main channel and how it’s mainly trolls downvoting my videos just because I’m still speaking out against them:



    Finally I finish it off with one of the reasons why I wanted to get monetized being that I want to help support my family and buy my own things while having this be a secondary source of income as I’m currently furloughed from my main job as a sales associate (obvious reasons relating to the pandemic):


    And then I tell them if they want to reach out to me and talk about this any further I would be super thankful:


    Granted, they were replying to my tweets when I was putting them out there, often giving me bullshit excuses for me “not following the rules” but I think I probably made them feel guilty when I brought up the fact that I have Asperger’s and there were people harassing someone with this disability especially since I’ve been on YouTube for almost ten years. The reason why I say that is because after I presented them with evidence that directly contradicts the “harassment” and “deceptive content” excuses, they said that they will look into my case that I presented and will update me as soon as possible.

    4) As of now, I haven’t heard of any updates from them, but I’ve been checking in to see how it’s going, and so far it’s been very similar responses. I have been prying at them and reminding them that I don’t want to deal with any more shenanigans in regards to me having to worry about my channel getting deleted, why my channel is important to me, and how much of an impact I’ve made. Along with that, if I were to make money off my videos, that would give them more advertising cash as a result.


    So for now, you can find me on my DDayJedi channel, on my current Twitter account, @McJediNuggets, as well as Instagram and Facebook.


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