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    I need help from the Fandom Menace. My YouTube channel, McFrozenNuggets got suspended without any rhyme or reason from them. *I mainly did Cars diecast reviews, lightsaber reviews, movie unboxings, and had just started doing LEGO Star Wars reviews. I also did some fanmade music videos here and there, uploaded a few clips from movies and TV shows, and a couple gameplay videos from LEGO Star WarsThe Complete Saga. My most recent video was a rescored version of the Avengers theme that was sent to me by a friend a while back, and right when I was about to be monetized, almost at 1,100 subscribers and just passed 4,000 public watch hours, I get a notification that my channel of almost ten years had been suspended.


    They said I was posting “deceptive content” and “harassing” people. HOW THE HELL DID I HARASS ANYONE?!?


    I filed an appeal to them, telling them my stance, and how this was done in error, but they refuse to listen!



    I need help to get my channel back. I can’t message them on Twitter because I was suspended there for miswording something on there, but I have posted about this on my second Instagram account, DDayJedi. I’ve also reached out to other Fandom Menace channels like Jessi Milestone, Jeff Hicks, Anna, as well as G+G’s very own Jeremy, Jay, Merry Mayhem, Tuggs (Cortney), Kelly, and Krista. I hope to generate enough noise to get them to correct this. I know it’ll be super hard, considering the climate, but I REALLY want my channel back.

    I’ll be making a video on my second YT channel, DDayJedi, talking about this, and you’ll REALLY see how pissed off I am at this.

    Find me over there at DDayJedi, I’m still on Facebook, Instagram, here, and I’m also thinking of making a Rumble account as well.


    Please help spread the word and talk about this!


    Help me, Fandom Menace/Geeks + Gamers. You’re my only hope.


    Welcome to the club. Those fucks murdered my user only account on Halloween.


      Holy shit, i’ve heard of youtube being shady, but this shows that they are just blatant cheats picking and choosing who gets to have a channel and who doesn’t, it’s disgusting!

      I hope you get your channel back @McFrozenNuggets, what happened is totally unfair!

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      With them holding a practical monopoly and having no fear of section 230 being revoked (with the dems in power), they will censor free speech at will.

      And there are enough corrupt judges that no case against them will be successful (just see parlor vs amazon as an example, or the resent us elections)




      They just stripped my ability to superchat I’m just waiting for the hammer myself. I highly suggest loading stuff to one of the other video hosting sites like Odyssee or Bitchute. Odyssee I’ve heard will actually copy your whole account over somehow. The big tech monopolies are not gonna be going to lighten up on a their crushing of independent content, if you have seen the video leaked by Project Veritas of Jack Dorsey discussing big tech’s censorship plans I suggest you do.

      As for now you should 100% get established on the other sites, that’s where I’m watching all the  stuff I can, I only go back to YouTube for the livestreams. Odyssee, from what I’ve heard from SaltyCracker, is close having that ability so that might not be a differentiator soon enough. I hope you get outta your suspension, but you have to be crazy to be using exclusively YouTube after this.


      Thanks, man. I hope so too.

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