Among Us Animated Series Casts Lead Roles

Put on your… colored Hazmat suits? Okay, I’m not going to pretend I know anything about this I.P., but CBS Studios and indie game studio Innersloth are developing an animated series based on the video game Among Us, and they’ve cast the lead roles. Randall Park, Ashley Johnson, Yvette Nicole Brown, and Elijah Wood will provide the voices for the main characters for the show, which is a mystery compared to The Thing where the characters have to find a killer hidden among them. (I looked it up in the space of a sentence.) JoBlo has a rundown of the characters and their descriptions:

Randall Park as the voice of Red, Captain of the Skeld. Red is a people pleaser and blowhard. As a confident leader, Red is the type of crewmate who will fail upwards.

Ashely Johnson plays Purple, Chief of Security. Concerned with safety, prone to suspicion, and confident, Purple is a crewmember with trust issues.

Yvette Nicole Brown plays Orange and is a member of the HR department. Orange is a “spineless corporate shill” in charge of eliminating redundancies redundantly. Orange will fire you via email before thinking twice about it.

Finally, Elijah Wood plays Green, an unpaid intern. Happy to be aboard, Green does whatever needs doing, with pizza as compensation.

This is another result of The Super Mario Bros. Movie being a hit. Hollywood is going to push video game adaptations, especially animated ones, and Among Us is a popular party game. (The Geeks + Gamers team used to stream it every so often, a highlight reel of which you can see above courtesy of the Geeks + Gamers YouTube channel.) I suppose a T.V. show will have a new mystery every season; they could even have a revolving door of voice actors and characters to keep things lively. Based on those actors and character descriptions, the series sounds like it’ll be a comedy, which makes sense based on the images of the game I’ve seen. There’s no word on where or when this show will air, so it’s probably a ways off right now. But I expect a lot of announcements like this in the coming years as Hollywood tries to fill the increasingly large superhero void.

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