An Update on Time’s Up

Last year it was reported that the “Time’s Up” board had been dissolved, but no one was talking about it. With over 70 board members, it is crazy to think it was swept under the table as fast as it had arrived. Now, a little over a year after the organization was covering up for then-Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo’s sexual harassment scandal, Times Up is shifting its remaining funds to the “independently administered Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund, and stopping other operations.” There are only three members of the board and $1.7 million left, even though at one point there was $24 million.

Time's Up

This is just another case of the Hollywood left getting donations for a cause, not using the money for the donated purposes, and getting away with it. Click here to read the full names of the hypocritical, original Time’s Up Signatories.

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