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As well as previously bringing you That’s Not Wrestling and ranting about PPVs on YouTube, I’m here mouthing off about wrestling news, results, and events that catch my eye, ear, and sometimes my nose. I’m Danny Damage, writing for Geeks + Gamers, and this is Another Week of Wrestling for November 29th, 2021!

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Wrestling news, Another Week of Wrestling 28


The Vince McMahon’s Egg storyline has carried over from that film Vince’s a whore for last night’s Survivor Series. Jesus-fucking-Christ!

Matt Riddle vs. Dolph Ziggler. Riddle cosplayed as Randy Orton, much to Orton’s horror. However, Riddle won with an RKO, which warmed Orton up to the idea – so much so that Orton hit Robert Roode with Riddle’s Bro Derek.

Becky Lynch and the results of her watching loads of old heel tapes of The Rock while pregnant put the crowd (and the women’s locker room) in their place.

Bianca Belair vs. Tamina. Before the match, Belair cut a promo contradicting everything Becky Lynch just said about fans not getting behind the lasses; fantastic. The Kiss of Death earned Belair the win. Natalya tried to ambush Belair, but she was kicked out of the ring. This just offered Doudrop an opportunity to sneak attack Belair and cause some damage.

The Seth Rollins vs. Finn Balor match didn’t happen. Rollins battered the piss out of Balor outside the ring and with the ring steps. Seth hit a couple of curb stomps on Finn before Rollins was rushed on his way up the ramp. The story of a fan attack on Rollins has been all over the wrestling news this week. He should have been tossed out on his arse and never welcomed back. If you don’t give people a reason not to behave like this and, in fact, reward them…well, it’s going to happen more frequently, isn’t it?

AJ Styles & Amos vs. The Street Profits. Angelo Dawkins saw his team was close to losing, so he got himself DQ’d with a fire extinguisher.

Nikki Cross & Rhea Ripley vs. Carmella & Zelina Vega. Raw has new women’s tag champions, thanks to a sly bit of isolation from Ripley and a Code Red on Cross.

Vince McMahon doesn’t like snitches, even if it resulted in him getting his egg back. So, Vince punished Sami Zayn by giving Austin Theory the title match against Big E instead. Vince is crazy!

Reggie vs. Cedric Alexander. Another new champion was crowned when Cedric pinned Reggie. Then Dana Brooke stole it from Cedric, and the whole 24/7 train stood still, scratching their heads because they’re not allowed to fight a woman. I have a question: where the fuck did Dana Brooke go? And if this is, in fact, the original body (and face) of hers, what the fuck happened? I’m going to start calling her Dana Broke-n…

WWE, Dana Brooke, now Dana Broke-n,

Bobby Lashley vs. Dominic & Rey Mysterio. Lashley almost got overwhelmed by Mysterio and son, but once he had a clear shot, he speared Rey and made Dominic submit.

“I do autograph signings and let the little kiddies hold the title; doesn’t mean they’re the champion” –Becky Lynch’s Pot o’ Gold while talking to Liv Morgan.

Damian Priest’s open relationship challenge… Apollo and bad accent show up but don’t accept. Sami Zayn then takes the offer instead. Once again, Priest needed to have a spot in the match that made him lose it, so he could “snap” and show off the Damian part of his name. I’m reminded of TNA’s period where Abyss’ “brother,” Joseph, would need to have a spot where he’d bleed, just so he could evolve mid-match and finish off his opponent. I get the approach; there’s just no need to do the same thing forever now.

Seth Rollins sat at ringside for the main event. Seth looked both ways before heading down the aisle, just making sure he’s not getting charged at again; good stuff. Kevin Owens joined him a few minutes in.

Wrestling News, Seth Rollins attacked, WWE

Big E vs. Austin Theory. Big E took advantage of Theory being distracted by Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins fighting on the outside; a great showing and a bit of exposure for Theory, nonetheless. Theory has all the tools, as they say, and I’m expecting big things from him – well, as big as things can get when mucking around with Vince McMahon and his $100,000,000 golden egg.

NXT 3.0

Tommaso Ciampa vs. Grayson Waller. Although nobody expected Waller to win, he got a decent showing against the champ before being beaten with the Fairy Tale Ending.

Cameron Grimes challenged Duke Hudson to a hair vs. hair match at NXT War Games.

Indi Hartwell & Persia Pirotta vs. Kayden Carter & Kacy Catanzaro. Indi was down in the dumps and distracted throughout, so Persia was just about solo again this week. Kayden and Kacy’s gimmick is that they’re both child-size and they love night-clubbing. Indi finds herself getting pinned after staring at her wedding band.

Santos Escobar vs. Malik Blade. A simple squash match for Escobar. After the match, Electra Lopez is STILL crotch-hurt that Xyon Quinn turned her down. They’re interrupted by Kyle O’Reilly and Von Wagner, who also want a stab at the tag titles. Imperium appeared on the balcony and told the two teams to settle things next week, and they’ll face the winners at NXT War Games.

Mandy Rose vs. Cora Jade. Before the match really got going, Kay Lee Ray started smashing stuff at ringside with a baseball bat. This distracted Rose, and Jade got an upset win via a rollup.

LA Knight vs. Joe Gacy never started. Grayson Waller jumped Knight before the match, and they fought off into the distance. Before Gacy had the chance to cut one of his promos, The Diamond Mine told him to hit the bricks. Gacy said that the name Strong is nothing but proof of toxic masculinity, and the Cruiserweight title is nothing but a fat-shaming device. Roderick Strong told him that he’d ignore the weight limit on the belt and let Gacy challenge him at NXT War Games.

wrestling, NXT, Ivy Nile

Ivy Nile vs. Yulisa Leon. An impressive second outing for Nile – dominating, cocky, and full of potential. If there’d been another slot for my wrestling news graphic, she would have had it. Instead, I got to re-enjoy her doing sit-ups while crushing someone’s neck/head.

Josh Briggs & Brooks Jenson defeated the Grizzled Young Veterans.

Carmello Hayes vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Pete Dunne. Another typical NXT triple-threat match. One minute, there are rules, and the fear of disqualification is present. The next, it’s a free for all, and it becomes evident the referee’s letting everything slide, with even Trick Williams getting involved. Let’s not forget the silly three-way submission holds and spots scattered throughout the showcase, either. Hayes retained his title by pinning Gargano, thanks in part to Tony D’Angelo taking out Dunne.

It didn’t take long for The Vultures of Television to turn NXT into a parody of itself. The women’s War Games match was thrown together in a sloppy enough manner, so it’s no surprise the men would receive the same. The formula is so obvious here; even the crowd was chanting “war games” as the blokes brawled after this match. As well as everyone already involved, Tomasso Ciampa ran out and joined the faces, which caused Bron Breakker to back up the heels (the younger/newer talent) and book the match by shouting, “Warrrrrr Gaaaames.”

AEW Dynamite

CM Punk came out for his match in front of his hometown crowd, but MJF had something to say beforehand. They had a highly entertaining back and forth. Worth looking for. I doubt anything I type would do it justice, so here you go! MY only criticism is aimed at the excessive references to people that don’t work in the company. The way some names were directly avoided came across almost like the lore of WWE was relevant/applicable in AEW. For instance, “The King of Kings” sounded way too complimentary, and “that dude with the huge nose and shovel” would have sufficed. Anyway, it’s only a minor issue. Enjoy!

CM Punk vs. QT Marshall. We came back from the break, and QT was in the ring, too. A GTS ten minutes too late scored Punk the win. I get that Chicago was hungry for their hometown star, but they’d just had over 20 minutes of him. Surely AEW has something else that’s almost as good…</sarcasm>

Bear Country vs. Gunn Club, Colten and Billy Gunn. The Gunns won with ease. After the match, Darby Allin and Sting scared off all three of the Gunns.

Dante Martin turned his back on Lio Rush and signed up to join Team Taz.

Thunder Rosa vs. Jamie Hayter. Rosa outsmarted the Heel’s ringside antics and rolled Hayter up during the confusion. Hayter wasn’t best pleased with Britt Baker.

Chris Jericho continued his tour of projection and took the piss out of someone else’s appearance again. This time, it was someone from 2.0 for having a square head and looking like Spongebob Square Pants. That’s funny, coming from the mid-life-crisis edition of Patrick the starfish.

Bryan Danielson vs. Colt “Wait, This Isn’t YouTube” Cabana. Bryan kicked Cabana around for a bit before stomping his head and tapping him with the LeBell Lock. Good stuff. Bryan’s great as an antagonist, and he seems to be enjoying himself.

Malakai Black, Andrade El Idolo & FTR vs. Pac, Lucha Brothers & Cody HemorRhodes. Cody threw his belt into the crowd, and they threw it back… twice. You’ve gotta love it! The finish saw Malakai mist Pac and leave Andrade to finish him off for the pinfall.

WWE SmackDown

Leftovers and Black Friday bargains; not exactly an advert that boasts the product’s quality.

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman started the show, where Heyman belittled Kayla Braxton enough for her to leave the ring. Reigns reminded us all of the list of people he’s smashed and basically said there’s nobody left. Pat Mcafee asked if the crowd were chanting “Let’s go, Brandon!” when they were, in fact, asking for Brock Lesnar. What a legend.

wrestling news, wrestling, WWE, AEW

Jeff Hardy was in the car insurance-sponsored replay segment, LOL. It’ll be Drunky Uso next week!

Drew McIntyre & Jeff Hardy vs. Happy Corbin & Madcap Moss. A Claymore and a Swanton Bomb would spoil the Happy Lads’ night.

Ridge Holland vs. Cesaro. A rollup from Cesaro the veteran caught Holland off guard after he spent a few minutes throwing Cesaro around.

When a “Thanksgiving Leftovers Throwdown” match was announced, Michael Cole said that sounded messy, so Pat McAfee declared it’s getting messy in his pants. How does he get away with half of his lines? Does he have dirt on someone? Or is he just revered by Fox to the point of Vince having no say? I find that hard to believe. Either way, Pat McAfee is killing it in this role, and he’s the star of this week’s wrestling news!

Rick Boogs vs. Angel. WWE wasn’t happy with all the food that went to waste at Survivor Series, so there were tables full of leftovers surrounding the ring. Nakamura put Humberto through one of the tables, but this allowed Angel to beat Boogs with his Wing Clipper. Garza appears to have been thrown in the furnace of unwanted surnames along with Carrillo. Of all the silly names that have come out of the NXT machine, Humberto and Angel’s really weren’t that bad.

Toni Storm took two cream pies to the face, thanks to Charlotte Flair.

WWE, Smackdown, Charlotte Flair, Toni Storm,

Naomi & Sasha Banks vs. Shayna Baszler & Natalya. Naomi took a beating and scored the pinfall on Natalya. Sonia Deville was on commentary throughout, defending herself against Pat McAfee’s constant accusations of having beef with Naomi.

Black Friday Invitational Battle Royal. It was revealed in a high school “Did I make the cut?” segment earlier in the night that Drew McIntyre was initially left out of the match. Before the bell rang, Drew stormed into the ring, swinging his sword and cleaning house. Adam Pearce managed to talk Drew into leaving during the ad break. It looked like Jeff Hardy won the thing, but Sami Zayn was ejected between the second and third rope earlier, so he slithered back in and pushed Hardy over the top to win. However, Kayla Braxton jumped in the ring and pissed over Zayn’s parade by announcing Brock Lesnar’s suspension being lifted.

Speaking of bodily functions, during the match, Pat McAfee called “A Viking Dump on Ricochet’s face.” Give that man a pay raise! I think I may be swooning harder than when Cory Graves first got called up!

AEW Rampage

Adam Cole & Bobby Fish vs. Orange Cassidy & Wheeler Yuta. Adam Cole’s reputation took another beating in this one. Fish’s got knocked on its arse a few times by putting Cassidy’s stupidity over, too. Fish hit an avalanche Falcon Arrow on Yuta.

Wrestling News, Orange Cassidy, Adam Cole, AEW

Tony Nese and Sammy Guevara next week.

Riho vs. Britt Baker. A sneaky roll-up scored Riho the upset win. This match was rough to watch. Just because Kenny Omega enjoys wrestling kids, we don’t have to see Baker and others follow in his footsteps.

Daniel Garcia vs. Eddie Kingston. Started off nicely, wrestling for the upper hand. Garcia had help in 2.0 on the outside of the ring, distracting Kingston enough for Garcia to get on top of him. A spinning back fist from Kingston wins it. All three of them jump Kingston after, and Chris Jericho leaves the commentary table when he sees there’s room to latch onto Kingston’s momentum/spotlight. Mmmm, bitty.

That’s it for weekly wrestling news from me. Digest and discuss! Thank you very much for joining me this year! If you’re interested in a quick natter, or just to throw a passing insult, feel free to get in touch down below or over on Twitter.  Thanks for reading; take care, and I’ll see you again somewhere soon!



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