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REVIEW: The Iron Claw (2023)

The Iron Claw tells the true story of the Von Erichs, one of the greatest wrestling families of all time. This film is the latest from A24 and writer/director Sean Durkin, and while I don’t follow sports, the cast drew my attention. I actually saw this movie on Christmas Day, which I wouldn’t ne...

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WWE Survivor Series Results (2023)

WWE Survivor Series results and commentary from Danny Damage! WWE Survivor Series Results (2023) Another gimmick WWE show means another opportunity for WWE to dampen the force of their main event. Building anticipation to a War Games match by having the women’s tribute edition kick the night o...

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AEW Full Gear Results (2023)

AEW Full Gear 2023 results and commentary from Danny Damage! AEW Full Gear Results (2023) Tony Schiavone gobbing off at talent (apparent aggressive heels) and not getting the glasses slapped off of his face is getting ridiculous now. It’s one thing to call MJF a prick when he’s in the ri...

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WWE Crown Jewel Results (2023)

WWE Crown Jewel 2023 results and commentary from Danny Damage! WWE Crown Jewel Results (2023) We return to that annual dance where the Americans think they’re gradually changing the Saudis through business deals, and the Saudis think the Americans are slowly coming around to their way of think...

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WWE Fastlane Results (2023)

WWE Fastlane 2023 results and commentary from Danny Damage! WWE Fastlane Results (2023) This is the first WWE Premium Live Event since the management changed. It still looks and smells the same as before, but I’m happy to give them some time to get going without Vince McMahon’s finger in...

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AEW All Out Results (2023)

AEW All Out 2023 results and commentary from Danny Damage! AEW All Out Results (2023) “Hi, we just got rid of our biggest star, and we’re offering you Orange Cassidy vs. Jon Moxley as a main event for a PPV in said star’s hometown…” The crowd was pretty silent during th...

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