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Friday Flash Facts: Wally West

 In 1960, DC comics wanted to capitalize on the overnight success of young sidekicks like young Dick Grayson, and as a result, we got who was likely the next most successful young ward, Kid Flash, in The Flash #110. Wally West, created by John Broome and Carmine Infantino, was relatable in a way ma...

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Friday Flash Facts: Barry Allen

 The Silver Age of DC comics kicked off with the introduction of Barry Allen in Showcase Vol. 1 #4, as did many subsequent eras in the publisher’s long and storied history. Barry Allen is a sign of change in comics, and it was through him that the DC Multiverse was first discovered in the now &he...

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Diversity in the Comics Industry

 Diversity is a concept that permeates entertainment culture in a myriad of ways today. It has become the biggest buzz-word and singular focus of social justice and internet keyboard warriors the world over. We see it in our news cycles (all 24 hours of it), science fiction (I’m looking at you Lu...

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Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney Indiegogo Campaign

 Followers of the ComicsGate movement online should be no strangers to the name Ethan Van Sciver, as he and several other talents have been making waves online over the last few months with the rapid ascent of their indie, crowd-funded comic book projects on the Indiegogo platform. Last night wrapp...

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Friday Flash Facts: Jay Garrick

 Welcome, speedster friends and family, to the first of a weekly, weekend series that delves deeper into all things the Flash: the characters’ history and lore, the source of their power, the various abilities that they receive from the Speed Force, their substantial rogues’ gallery and mor...

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Teen Titans Tuesdays: Introduction

Remember that classic Silver Age comic where Robin shot a guy in the face while snapping someone else’s neck? Yeah, me neither. But maybe, just maybe, you are blissfully unaware of the storied history of the adolescent collective of crime-fighters better known as the Teen Titans. Now, hold up;...

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