CD Projekt Red Implementing Menstrual Leave for All “Menstruating” Employees

Several modern companies have begun to implement menstrual leave for female employees experiencing discomfort while on their periods. GoG started this practice last year. Now, GoG’s sister company, CD Projekt Red, the production company behind both The Witcher and the Cyberpunk 2077 video game series, has followed suit. In a statement posted to their official Twitter account, CD Projekt Red said: “We’re proud to offer menstrual leave to employees! Team members can now focus on their comfort & health by taking time off when suffering from period pain. It’s all about inclusivity & fostering a supportive workplace #insideRED.

Twitter user gloweh responded to the announcement to express her confusion and dislike for the new policy by saying: “What the hell? I’m literally lying down right now because of menstrual pain but it’ll go away in a few minutes because I took a painkiller. If you provide a break room where women can maybe lay down for a few minutes that’s enough. Why coddle people?” This comment clearly shines a light on many people’s concerns with such policies. Despite having a lot of support from people, this tweet still appears heavily divisive, as her replies are filled with hateful comments decreeing this woman with an independent opinion. 

In a follow-up statement from a CD Projekt Red Public Relations Representative, Ola Sondej, it’s confirmed that the new policy is meant to boost “an environment where menstruating team members can feel more comfortable and supported to achieve their individual potential [and represents] another step in creating an inclusive work environment. It must be pointed out that all public statements from CD Projekt Red have refrained from using the word “women,” opting instead for the “more progressive” term “menstruating people.” The policy will be put in place on April 1st and will encourage employees to take as much paid leave as needed.

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