Chris Sanders in Talks to Play Stitch Again

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Chris Sanders is in final talks to reprise the role of Stitch. Sanders also wrote and co-directed the original Lilo and Stitch, reprising his character in the Lilo and Stitch Disney Channel series. Sanders would join Tia Carrere as Mrs. Kekoa and Amy Hill as Tutu, who played Nani and Mrs. Hasagawa, respectively, in the original movie. Sydney Agudong is playing Nani, and Kaipot Dudoit is playing David. Maia Kealoha is playing Lilo; Billy Magnusson has joined as Pleakley, with Zach Galifianakis as Jumba and Courtney B. Vance as Cobra Bubbles

Chris Sanders Stitch

This movie seems insultingly unnecessary, no matter what they announce or who they cast. I don’t think this concept will translate well to live-action, and there’s no reason to adapt this movie. It’s going to be a Disney+ original release, so I don’t even see the financial incentive. It’s hard to look at projects like this and see anything but hubris and corporate mandates. I haven’t seen anyone happy about this particular remake, and I wonder if the general public (non-fans/cinephiles) are almost ready to turn on them. 

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