Disney In The Dumps: Weekly Recap – March 28

You know, the thing! Let’s jump in.

Inappropriate Merchandise – Nice Knockers

Because the internet sees things differently from Disney, new merchandise has been released, and it doesn’t exactly look G-rated. See you for yourself.

Disney mistakes

Look familiar? Does it look like some part of female anatomy? I’m not a biologist, though.

The Never-Ending Feud With Florida’s Don’t Say Gay Bill

Florida’s HB 1557 was passed on March twenty-eighth, and Disney had something to say:

There are staff who oppose Disney’s stance. This is what the bill is actually about. And for the millionth time, the word “gay” isn’t even in the bill!

Woke Disney Agenda Revealed

Following the legalization of the bill, a bunch of videos of Disney employees have surfaced showcasing that it is “full steam a-gay.” Disney’s employees have a massive LGBT agenda for indoctrinating children. Check out the tweets below!

I think Antoine Dodson says it best: “Hide your kids.”

Spaceballs Episode X: DeSantis Strikes Back

After the spectacle of Disney’s public agenda, DeSantis responded with:

“I think what has happened is there’s a lot of these special privileges that are not justifiable, but because Disney had held so much sway, they were able to sustain a lot of special treatment over the years. I would say any special privileges that are in law I would like to get rid of generally. I think in this particular case with Disney, I just don’t think you have very many people in the legislature anymore who are going to be able to defend a lot of what has been done over many years to really have them almost govern themselves in some of these things. That was probably never appropriate to start, but is certainly not appropriate now at this point.”

Now, this is interesting because his points do have a lot of merit. However, this is risky, as Disney is the largest GOP donor in Florida.

RIP Traditional Gender Roles

Disney must have a guidebook on how to alienate consumers. Disney is eliminating “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls” from its morning announcements at the theme parks.

Will Cinderella become Cinderfella? Is Prince Eric now Person Eric?

Live-Action Shang-Chi Actor: Shang-Chi Comics Are Now Racist

Simu Liu has decided that Shang-Chi comics are now racist. If he does sign a comic, it will only be in English. It’s a bit interesting how this actor decided it was okay to play the character but not sign the comics the character he plays appears in! Logic seems to have escaped this man.

Listen to what Ryan has to say:

Rachel Zegler Oscar Invitation

Last week, Rachel Zegler announced that Disney did not send her an invitation to attend the Oscars. Naturally, damage control had to be done, and she was invited as a presenter just a few days before the awards show!

Upon presenting, she chirped: “And I never thought that I would be here six days ago! We did it! Dreams really can come true — pretty fast, too.”

What a week! Until next week, friends!

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