Doctor Who: The Death of Doctor Karen is Coming Soon

No longer do Doctor Who fans rally around in anticipation to witness The Doctor overcoming insurmountable odds to defeat fearsome foes. Nor do they revel in the bittersweet farewells to their most beloved Doctors, partially rebuffing whoever comes to replace the most recent fan favorite. Now, the only shared emotion to unite the bereft and broken Doctor Who fans is joy upon hearing that the first female Doctor, played by Jodie Whittaker, who we’ll lovingly call Doctor Karen, will burn soon. All hopes and prayers uttered wish for the death to be painful enough for catharsis and recompense for the fans seeking revenge following the hateful and corrosive Chris Chibnall and Jodie Whittaker era. The release window for this coming demise has been announced by the BBC Chief Content Officer, Charlotte Moore, at the Edinburgh International TV festival. She said:

We’ve got a week celebrating our centenary in October, where we’ll have some specials. We’ve got the Doctor Who centenary special.

October has been the rumored release window for this episode for some time now, but this is the first official confirmation. The BBC may be using that week to celebrate their perceived political success, but the fans will also be taking that week to celebrate the burning of a witch.

Doctor Who

An interesting thing to note with this upcoming special is that, rather than attempting to improve the writing or the plethora of issues that plague the Chibnall era, Chibnall resorted to cheap ploys and shallow nostalgia. He stuffed the episode with as many characters, monsters, and villains as possible to distract fans from his issues. This episode will feature the return of The Master, the Daleks, the Cybermen, Yaz, Dan, returning Classic Who companions Ace and Tegan, and perhaps some surprise cameos from previous Doctors. It will also feature the resolution to Yaz and The Doctor’s romantic arc, driving home the final political brownie points before passing the baton to Russell T. Davies.

There is no doubt that this episode will be a hot mess in all the ways that the Chibnall era has become known for being. However, a degree of enjoyment may be derived from seeing the end of Doctor Karen and this horrific era. Will it be enough to heal the wounded fanbase? Will the RTD era signal any improvement? There is little to no hope of this, but the rallying around Doctor Karen’s death may be the last time Doctor Who fans get to enjoy something together, if only ironically.

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