Fantastic Beasts Documentary Gets a Release Date

Last week, the Wizarding World announced that there would be a new documentary about mythical creatures across history.

Today, we are awash with new information!

The documentary will air on Saturday, February 27th, in the U.K. on BBC One and iPlayer, and April 1st on HBO Max.

Fantastic Beasts Documentary

The synopsis is:

“In a unique collaboration with the BBC Natural History Unit, the Natural History Museum (who hosted the exhibition, Fantastic Beasts: The Wonder of Nature) and Warner Bros., expect this documentary to unfurl all sorts of mysteries around fantastic beasts and real-life creatures across history that you may not believe could possibly exist. Along the way, Stephen [Fry] will chat to the Wizarding World’s creator, J.K. Rowling, to discuss the inspirations behind the creatures we meet in Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts, while also meeting with visual effects supervisor Christian Manz, who has lent his talents to several Wizarding World movies, bringing countless magical creations to life.”

Will you be watching?

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