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REVIEW: Young Justice – Season 4: Phantoms Episode 23, “Ego and Superego”

*SPOILERS* “Ego and Superego” opens in Markovia as a young metahuman is confronted by citizens who want to do away with his kind. He’s saved in the nick of time by Brion and his Infinitors, but one gets away and is revealed to be Brion’s ally, Everyman, in disguise. Meanwhile...

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REVIEW: Young Justice – Season 4: Phantoms Episode 22, “Rescue and Search”

*SPOILERS* In “Rescue and Search,” Bart attempts to restrain Lor-Zoz and M’comm and stop their reign of terror. However, Lor sees what he’s doing and reacts in time to regain the upper hand. The episode then cuts to Haly’s Circus, where Nightwing performs in the guise of Dan Danger. After ...

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Westworld Season 4 Trailer Reminds You It Exists

The HBO series Westworld released a trailer for season 4 today and revealed a release date of June 26th. The upcoming season continues Dolores’s misadventures in the real world with familiar faces Maeve (Thandiwe Newton), Bernard/Arnold (Jeffrey Wright), and a replicant of the Man in Black (Ed...

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New House of the Dragon Trailer Breathes Fire

HBO is hoping people still want to see some fire and blood, as they’ve released a new House of the Dragon trailer. A prequel to the beloved-then-reviled fantasy series Game of Thrones (and based on George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire prequel novel, Fire and Blood, which he probably wrote...

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Amanda Waller Series in Development at HBO Max

The TV branch of the DCEU is sticking with the Suicide Squad. Pivoting off the success of Peacemaker, Warner Bros. Television and HBO Max are developing a new series, this one centering on Amanda Waller. Waller is the head of ARGUS and the mastermind behind the Suicide Squad – the woman with her f...

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REVIEW: Young Justice Season 4: Phantoms Episode 20, “Forbidden Secrets of Civilizations Past!”

*SPOILERS* “Forbidden Secrets of Civilizations Past!” opens in Supertown as Rocket and Orion agree to start over after their poor first impressions. M’comm tells Lor-Zod that he has the information they need. It turns out it was really M’comm disguised as Orion that Rocket ta...

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