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The Sympathizer Trailer has Divided Loyalties

Robert Downey Jr. is back, but not as you know him – no matter where you know him from. Today, HBO released a trailer for The Sympathizer, a new spy thriller miniseries from Park Chan-wook and Don McKellar. Based on the novel by Viet Thanh Nguyen, The Sympathizer follows the Captain, a communist ...

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HBO Developing Game of Thrones Prequel About Aegon Targaryen

HBO isn’t done with Westeros. The Hollywood Reporter exclusively revealed that the network is developing another Game of Thrones prequel series, likely due to the success of House of the Dragon. This one will be a sort of sequel to that show focusing on Aegon’s conquest, where Aegon Targaryen...

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JK Rowling Will Take Active Role on Harry Potter TV Series

The Harry Potter TV series is moving along faster than the Hogwarts Express. (Is that the name of the train? I think it is.) Deadline reports that a series of writers are sending in pitches to Warner Bros. Television and HBO Max, with the top picks from this round of auditions moving on to the next...

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James Gunn Explains Why Peacemaker Will Move to DCU

James Gunn’s DCU continues to get more confusing. One of the few things from the DCEU that will remain in the DCU will be Peacemaker, Gunn’s HBO series starring John Cena in the lead role. But Gunn’s decision to keep certain DCEU elements while jettisoning others has people unsure of what to m...

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The Last of Us Season 2 Casts Abby

The bane of many gamers’ existence is leaping to live-action. Earlier today, it was announced that Kaitlyn Dever will join the cast of HBO’s video game adaptation The Last of Us for its second season. Dever will play Abby, a pivotal character from The Last of Us Part II who is described as “...

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The Regime Trailer Orders You to Watch It

If you didn’t realize that 2024 is an election year, the amount of political entertainment set to debut should clue you in. Today, HBO released a trailer for The Regime, a comedy-drama satire. The Regime depicts the decline of a fascistic government that rules a European country, with palace intri...

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