HBO Developing Game of Thrones Prequel About Aegon Targaryen

HBO isn’t done with Westeros. The Hollywood Reporter exclusively revealed that the network is developing another Game of Thrones prequel series, likely due to the success of House of the Dragon. This one will be a sort of sequel to that show focusing on Aegon’s conquest, where Aegon Targaryen conquered Westeros and united six of the seven kingdoms, Dorne being the exception. THR says HBO is “partnering” with Mattson Tomlin, uncredited co-writer of The Batman and credited co-writer (so far, anyway) of its sequel, so I assume that means he’ll be the showrunner, but it’s unclear right now. HBO has another Game of Thrones prequel/spin-off in development called A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight, which is based on the Dunk and Egg short stories set in the A Song of Ice and Fire universe.

THR didn’t say whether George RR Martin would be involved in the Aegon Targaryen show, but I think it’s a safe bet he will be; otherwise, he might have to finish A Song of Ice and Fire, which he seems to think would cause the universe to implode. But a new Game of Thrones series isn’t a surprise; House of the Dragon was unexpectedly successful, not just in viewership but in popularity. Keeping the focus on the Targaryens is a good move, too, since they’re not only a big part of that world’s history but the coolest and bloodiest of the Houses. And they have dragons, which look good on the posters. Since it takes place after House of the Dragon, I wonder if they’ll end that show before this one begins; I’m not sure how many seasons they intend House of the Dragon to have, but since they’re so closely related, it may be confusing if this starts while the former is still airing.

Aegon Targaryen

Regardless, this is all surprising to me; I thought the Game of Thrones universe was doornail dead after the way the mother show crashed and burned. I haven’t seen House of the Dragon because I couldn’t bring myself to care about a prequel that would further set the stage for that abominable final season. But here we are, and HBO is back in the Westeros business. I’ll check out House of the Dragon soon, mostly because people whose opinions I trust have said it’s great, but I find the prospect of the Dunk and Egg show more interesting. I’ve never read the stories, but I like the idea of something that isn’t so closely related to the events of the main story, with side characters going on their own adventures in the midst of all these wars and political maneuvering. That one is supposed to start filming this year, so it’ll get here before the Aegon series. Talk about a comeback.

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