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REVIEW: House of the Dragon – Season 2, Episode 3, “The Burning Mill”

***SPOILERS*** “The Burning Mill” displays the conflict between the Targaryens’ claims to the throne acted out by their commoner followers. The Blacks bury Arryk and Erryk. Criston Cole and Aemond plot to win over some of Rhaenyra’s pledges. Mysaria asks to join Rhaenyra’s court in exchang...

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Benioff and Weiss Wanted Final Game of Thrones Seasons to be Movies

You ever see someone screw up royally and try to make themselves look better but end up making it worse? That appears to be the next phase in David Benioff and Dave Weiss’ attempted comeback. In an interview with WSJ, the Wall Street Journal’s magazine (which is behind a paywall, but Deadline p...

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HBO Developing Game of Thrones Prequel About Aegon Targaryen

HBO isn’t done with Westeros. The Hollywood Reporter exclusively revealed that the network is developing another Game of Thrones prequel series, likely due to the success of House of the Dragon. This one will be a sort of sequel to that show focusing on Aegon’s conquest, where Aegon Targaryen...

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Benioff and Weiss Reveal Biggest Game of Thrones Regret

When Game of Thrones ended, fans were, to say the least, not thrilled. The show that had once been some of the most engaging, exciting, and entertaining television out there had devolved into a rushed mess with wildly inconsistent characters doing ridiculous things to get them to where the show wan...

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Community Movie Delayed by the Writers’ Strike?

Will Abed’s hopeful prophecy of “six seasons and a movie” ever come to pass? Because at every turn, the announced Peacock Community movie has been delayed or put in jeopardy by constant issues. After an entire decade, the promised film is closer than it has ever been. Yet, the wr...

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House of the Dragon Season 2 Begins Filming

HBO’s House of the Dragon, which blasted onto small screens last fall and was met with both critical and audience acclaim, has begun filming its second season, according to series co-creator Ryan Condal. When making this announcement, Condal said: “House of the Dragon has returned. We are th...

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