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REVIEW: House of the Dragon – Season 1, Episode 4 “King of the Narrow Sea”

Following last week’s fantastic episode, House of the Dragon: “King of the Narrow Sea” had some rather large shoes to fill. Does it live up to its predecessor, “Second of his Name?” Not entirely, but it’s only marginally inferior and does not bring down this season. “King of the Narrow...

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REVIEW: House of the Dragon – Season 1, Episode 3 “Second of His Name”

The newest addition to HBO’s House of the Dragon, “Second of His Name,” is out, and to the shock of many, this episode is good. The dragging setup from the previous episodes has been left behind in favor of excellent dialogue, character development, and good action. To be fair, “Second of Hi...

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REVIEW: House of the Dragon – Season 1, Episode 2 “The Rogue Prince”

HBO’s House of the Dragon continues with episode 2, “The Rogue Prince.” Episode 2 is far more than just the sequel to “The Heirs of the Dragon” in both a literal and spiritual sense. “The Rogue Prince” is equal to its predecessor in terms of quality and in...

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Dave Harmon Confirms a Community Movie is Happening

“Six seasons and a movie,” the rallying cry and motto of Community, may finally be coming to pass. The dream of Abed Nadir is finally within reach. This film has been rumored since the series ended back in 2015, but no firm announcements were ever released. The first news about this project in...

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REVIEW: House of the Dragon – Season 1, Episode 1 “The Heirs of the Dragon”

Following the devastating and disastrous season 8 of Game of Thrones, countless planned spinoffs were canceled, and the disgruntled fans supported these cancellations, many believing that the franchise was dead. The only spinoff to survive the purge was House of the Dragon, which just released its p...

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Emilia Clarke is Done with Daenerys

The Mother of Dragons is staying retired. In an interview with BBC about her starring role in the upcoming West End production of The Seagull, Emilia Clarke was asked about the Game of Thrones offshoot shows currently in development. On prequel series House of the Dragon, Clarke said: “It’s ...

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