First Image of the New Batwing from The Flash Emerges

Nobody better have any poisonous balloons at hand. A Twitter account called The Flash Brasil appears to have an image of toys from the upcoming DC movie The Flash, and the set they’re showcasing features a new version of the Batwing. If you’ll remember (I won’t say something ridiculous like, “In case you haven’t seen it”), Batman’s climax began with Batman flying an aerial vehicle called the Batwing to remove a series of parade balloons the Joker was using to gas Gotham City with what the comics call Joker Venom but the movie called Smilex. It was extremely cool, and the shape of it allowed the Batwing to form the Bat Symbol when it flew up against the moon. The new design, which the toy set labels the Ultimate Batwing, is a bit different. You can see it in the tweet below:

As with so much these days, I’m a little torn over the new Batwing. On the one hand, it definitely looks good, way better than any of the vehicles from the various post-Burton eras. But it’s still not as cool as the one from Batman, and I wish they’d just brought it back as it was. In large part, The Flash is going to be sold on nostalgia – even more so now that the lead actor has been revealed as a violent, sexually abusive lunatic; it would make sense to just lean into that and refrain from redesigning iconic imagery. I think everyone would agree that the look of the Burton Batman films was one of the best things about them; recreating that would be akin to seeing the Millennium Falcon again. But, as that’s not happening, I do appreciate that the new version of the Batwing is in keeping with Burton’s motif. It looks like it could have been in one of his movies, with the stylized vehicle clearly belonging to Batman – something I’ve missed for a long time. So, ultimately, it does make me happy because it indicates that they’re trying to make this feel like Burton’s Batman, and that’s what I want most out of The Flash.

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January 1, 2023 at 7:01 pm

It looks cool. The best bat wing I’ve seen since Batman is the one in the Injustice video games

    January 2, 2023 at 4:47 pm

    For sure, and I like that it looks Burtonesque. Batman is what I’m most excited to see in The Flash.

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