Grand Theft Auto VI Trailer Looks Stunning

If you haven’t gotten enough crime in the real world lately, Rockstar Games is preparing to give you some more in video game form. Today, the developer released a trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI, the next addition to the popular video game franchise. Set to “Love is a Long Road” by Tom Petty, the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer introduces gamers to new protagonist Lucia and gives them a taste of the Floridian setting of the game (sorry, I mean “Leonidan”), as well as some incredible graphics. Grand Theft Auto VI will be released in 2025 and will be available on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. You can see the trailer below:

Well, it certainly looks gorgeous. Even by the constantly increasing modern standards of video game graphics, the ones in Grand Theft Auto VI are sensational. Whatever else becomes of this game, you can’t say they skimped on the aesthetics. As for the game itself, it’s hard to say because there are no gameplay demonstrations in the trailer; it’s mostly just establishing the setting, with a tiny bit devoted to the lead characters. Rockstar has said this one would have a Bonnie and Clyde vibe, with a pair of lovers as the main characters, and the trailer confirms that. There was a big ballyhoo about Lucia being the first female protagonist in the series, and she seems to be taking the lead. Rockstar has also said that they’re toning down some of the more ribald aspects of the games, which the trailer wisely sidesteps because restraint and sensitivity are not how you sell Grand Theft Auto. This is more a teaser to get people excited, and I suppose it works on that level. I was never big on Grand Theft Auto, so the trailer doesn’t do much for me, but I laughed at the sight of an alligator walking into a convenience store – presumably the one Lucia and her unnamed boyfriend are about to rob. I hope the fans enjoy it, but the rumblings from Rockstar aren’t promising.

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