Hyrule Expands in New Tears of the Kingdom Trailer

The already-gargantuan world of Hyrule from Breath of the Wild explodes in size in the final The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom trailer, opening up in ways we couldn’t have predicted. Both above and below the earth, massive and sprawling additions to Hyrule are revealed, populated by new foes and filled to the brim with crafting opportunities only limited by your imagination.

Beyond the map expansion, crafting opportunities, and combat changes, the biggest moment of this final trailer is Ganondorf’s return, replacing his hog form, Ganon, seen in Breath of the Wild. Ganondorf, the primary antagonist of most of The Legend of Zelda games, is returning to the mainline game series for the first time since 2006’s Twilight Princess. With the resurrected vile spirit of Demise on the rise once again within Ganondorf, only the Hero of Hyrule and the reincarnated spirit of the goddess can hold him at bay. Tears of the Kingdom may be returning to this classic formula, but that’s what many fans hoped for after criticism of Breath of the Wild. With all the endless possibilities in Tears of the Kingdom, the formula remains fresh and exciting.

Tears of the Kingdom Trailer

The strangest phenomenon surrounding this trailer is the sudden rise in Access Media sites praising fans thirsting over the newly revealed Ganondorf model. Places like The GamerPolygonGameRant, and many more are all hypocritically fueling the sexualization of this male character. However, it is not merely Access Media sites creating this buzz. Social media is also losing their minds over the newly designed Ganondorf, behaving as people on the Internet do. Social media will sexualize people no matter what, but the Access Media is suddenly OK with it because Ganondorf’s a man. Curious. Curious indeed.

To offset the toxic something-or-other of these people’s behavior, the image below is presented as an opportunity to admire a hot woman shown in the Tears of the Kingdom trailer purely for science and to balance out the Access Media’s biased thirst.

Tears of the Kingdom Trailer

Tears of the Kingdom will officially release on the Nintendo Switch on May 12th.

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