James Gunn Will Direct Superman: Legacy

James Gunn is trading in superhero misfits for the greatest of them all. In a Twitter thread, Gunn announced that he would be directing Superman: Legacy after all. Gunn had already written the script – or is writing it, or wherever he is in the process – but was unsure of whether he would direct. Superman: Legacy is what Gunn described as “the true beginning of the DCU” in his announcement video, the first movie in the universe he and Peter Safran are developing. Gunn gives a bit more detail in his Tweets, which you can read below:

Gunn directing this is fine by me. I know some people are worried that he’s mostly done oddball stuff so far, but that doesn’t mean it’s all he knows how to do. And in those strange films of his, he still manages to reach the emotional, human cores of his characters. What was Peter Quill in Guardians of the Galaxy but a kid who lost his mom too early, who thought he’d never have a family again until he was thrown together with a band of similarly lost souls? The tone of that movie wouldn’t fit Superman, but the heart is there. And based on those tweets, Gunn understands that; he knows he can’t have Clark Kent dancing to “Come and Get Your Love.” Moreover, he and Safran have talked lovingly about Superman, specifically saying he stands for “Truth, Justice, and the American Way.” Someone who says that in Hollywood in 2023 has my attention.

I also find the hook of the movie interesting, and it sheds some light on the title, which seemed to worry people. According to Gunn, it will explore what Superman took from both sets of parents, Jor-El and Lara on Krypton and Jonathan and Martha Kent on Earth. That could be interesting. It’s been explored more in terms of his physical abilities vs. his heart before – his powers are because of his Kryptonian nature, but his values come from his Ma and Pa. I’d like to see what Gunn has to add to that. Jor-El and Lara weren’t bad people; could some of their personalities have rubbed off on their son? Or is there a struggle for Clark to balance his Kryptonian nature and human upbringing? I don’t know how it’ll play, and of course, it could be a disaster, but I’m more than willing to give Gunn a chance to make this great.

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