Kathleen Kennedy: Lucasfilm Will Adapt High Republic Stories

In a conversation with Entertainment Weekly’s Dagobah Dispatch podcast, Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy revealed The High Republic as a source of future Star Wars series and films. Check out an excerpt here:

“You know, it could be, because one of the things we talked about in publishing was how we could begin to incubate certain ideas. And in the case of The High Republic, there’s been some wonderful storytelling that’s gone on there. It’s not necessarily what Leslye’s doing with Acolyte, but it certainly opens up the possibilities for being able to tell stories in that space.”

And concerning a live-action adaptation of Jedi: Fallen Order:

“I’ve seen a lot of chatter online about that. It could be really interesting. It’s not something that’s front and center right at the moment.”

And she goes on to praise the communication within Lucasfilm:

“But what’s interesting in the company that we do is, everybody across all these lines of business, is we all talk to one another.”

I haven’t been reading The High Republic myself. Honestly, I don’t read that many books (I know, I know), and I can’t be bothered with the neverending barrage of Lucasfilm publishing efforts. I’m not opposed to the stories being brought to the screen, although I would question the wisdom of such a move. It seems like many fans either aren’t reading these books and comics or don’t like them. I’m cautiously looking forward to The Acolyte, and I will likely watch more if they make more, at least at first. I just want them to make good content. This coming from Kathleen doesn’t encourage me.

But what do you think? Do you like The High Republic, and would you like to see them adapted? Sound off in the comments below!

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