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4 weeks ago 3 Comments

So I’m watching the news and I see this. Not that I did not believe it I went to the internet to find further details including the daily stupid on bounding into comics and it gets worse. Literally there are no cases that dogs can get the virus. lol Why would anyone do this?

Displaying and putting on the Iron Man helmet
2 months ago no Comment

Just a fun video for today enjoy.

Teacher Thinks Band Aids Are Racist?
2 months ago no Comment

Is it me or is the SJW’s or Karens getting dumber by the week. Today it’s band aids preferably white that are racist. Tomorrow it’s oranges because you know, and next week it will be bananas because these people have gone totally bananas.

Youtube disabled comments for music channels
3 months ago no Comment

So I’m listening to music in December 2020 and I notice something. The comments on every audio track is gone. I immediately think this is a temporary problem and they will have it fixed soon. Well over 3 months have passed and it has not changed. For over 2 years Youtube has been shadowbanning or …

4 months ago no Comment

Just when I thought this story can’t get any more stupid I hear she is now suing the company Gorilla Glue. lol She literally did it to herself my Dad used to tell me stories of when he worked in a hospital of so many stupid people doing stupid things and they how they end …

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