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Why will The Last of Us: Part II most likely be forgotten? Why should it be forgotten? I think TLOU:P2 lacks the necessary elements to appeal to a universal audience. I haven’t played the first part or the second part, and I don’t intend to because the genre is generally unappealing to me. However, after reading the …

[book][review] X-wing: Wraith Squadron (Aaron Allston)
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As a fair, broad-minded officer, I should ignore that. But as a Corellian, of course, I’ll manage some sort of revenge. -Wedge Antilles, p. 6 Lots of people talk about Zahn’s Thrawn trilogy endlessly, but in my opinion, it does other fantastic Star Wars books and novelists a disservice. Out of the X-Wing Series written …

[various media][analysis] Icons of Positive Masculinity: What Are Boys Made Of?
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Father’s Day is just as important as Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, there is an ongoing trend that attempts to reduce the cultural impact of masculinity and its representations and traditions. I’d like to give a short shout out to strong, positive masculine figures in literature, film, and other media. Shonen Bros There is something joyful, optimistic, …

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Some people have recently been running around saying that orcs are problematic. This has coincided with a rising narrative that Tolkien and his magnus opus, Lord of the Rings, is racist. If your response is confusion. If you wonder, “I don’t recall that Lord of the Rings was pro-racist…” You are not wrong. Of course, …

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