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    for VG ost’s this is on a loop in my head rn

    P5S counterstrike

    and AC7

    btw do youself a favor and give a listen to the ace combat 7 OST it became it a top 5 in my book




    Final Fantasy XIV has an amazing soundtrack. I cannot overstate how much I love this game’s soundtrack.  Here are just some of my favorite songs:

    Weight of the World

    The Worm’s Tail

    Knowledge Never Sleeps


    I’ve also been listening to a lot of movie scores lately. I don’t have any video game soundtracks on CD though I wouldn’t mind that changing. They seem to be so scarce and expensive. Where do you all buy your video game soundtracks from? I would love to have some Sonic the Hedgehog soundtracks, Shadow of the Colossus, and now I am interested in checking out the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack that Jeremy mentioned.


      Final Fantasy XIII is probably my favorite of all time. Regardless of your opinions on the game (I adore it), it’s soundtrack is great.
      Nier, Bayonetta and Sonic ’06 (which is as aweful as people say) are really good to.
      In general, Japanese games have better original soundtracks than western games.

      The best licensed soundtrack, in my opinion, is Life is Strange and LIS: Before the Storm
      (Yes, I know hipster SJW games. I would say they were a guilty pleasure if I felt guilty for enjoying things I like)


        The menu theme is pretty cool. ME2’s Suicide Mission theme is brilliant but, in general, I find Mass Effect’s soundtrack does it job well but there’s not much I’d listen to outside of the game.


        Blinded by Light and Sabers edge are still two of my most favorite battle themes in any Final Fantasy game. I finally got around to playing and finishing Lightning Returns about a month ago and loved when those songs were used.


        Xenoblade Chronicles 1 & 2


        Video game sound tracks.  What comes to mind is Shadow Gate sound track from the NES.

        For the time, that has always stuck in my head.   There is such a wealth of great video game music that I will be happy to share with the community.

        Music is life!  And the old 16 bit midi has gotten an update.


        The Witcher 3. And the expansions’ OSTS are awesome too (maybe even better).

        Bioshock infinite. This song for example (which is a polyphony with two very distinct voices) is pure genius:

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        Witcher 3(Przybyłowicz). Skyrim (Soule). Dragon Age: Inquisition (Morris). Death Stranding (Forsell). Celeste (Raine). Legend of Zelda (Kondo). Assassin’s Creed 2 (Kyd).


          If you’re not listening to Symphony of the Night, we can’t be friends.


          if u ain’t listening to the Ace Combat 7 OST then i dont know ya

          jokes aside SOTN is a great pick





                Super Mario Bros 1985 .


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