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      Maybe read up a bit before jumping into biased conclusions. ”Oh no, harrassing trans people is gonna be a no-no? Damn I guess I need to find a new hobby”

      I guess we fell for the same panic libs did with the “don’t say gay bill” 😅 And no, no one was thinking “oh no i can’t harrass trans people anymore”

      That said…

      I’m sure like bills that protect women from domestic abuse get at times taken advantage of by not so nice women who just want revenge on their partner for some reason, chances are this bill will be taken advantage of by some not so nice trans and non-binary people

      I’m not saying this out of the blue, there’s a track record that makes this beliveble, like what is the % of women who win such cases like i mentioned vs the % of men who’ll win them? And why does Ezra Miller get a shit-ton of protection for terrible accusations but Johnny Depp gets burnt at the stake without even a chance to defend himself?

      There is unfortunately a bias when it comes to these cases, particularly towards straight white men

      The same way 50-100 years ago (heck maybe even less) if you had a court case of a white man vs a black man, who had a higher chance of winning? Not to hard to figure out since back then the bias was towards black people

      These biases unfortunately don’t only hurt innocent people who might get charged for something they didn’t do, but they also hurt people who’ve really been victims of such crimes, because the more people take advantage of these biases to bulshit, the less credibility real victims have


      Zelensky = Ezra Miller.

      Success just handed to him. Money just spoon-fed to him.

      Zelensky and Ezra Miller both disgust me. Pervert weirdos who are privileged status and have no behavior to support their position.

      Screenshot 2023-06-28 at 07-15-43 Home - Gab Social

      WHY, did I watch The Flash?
      I watched the Flash, not because I wanted to watch a good movie nor was it to watch a terrible movie. Nope, I watched it because I recognize A.I video rendering when I see it.
      I need to make it clear, I cannot use any video clips from the movie or Warner Brothers will Copywrite Claim & potentially block my video. I did however include 2 videos that were created with A.I Video to show you how it looks. If you look up The Flash CGI, you will find the scenes & then you can compare the clips I used & draw your own conclusions. It of course makes sense they would go this route as well since it has been in production hell for such a long time & they just wanted it out & they can move on.
      The movie is completely pointless. Nothing actually gets resolved in the end since Barry does not return to his real timeline & is stuck in another parallel reality… I guess to set up a Sequel? lol Michael Keaton was the best part of the movie, but even he seemed to phone it in. Supergirl was an angry emo plot advancement. But the biggest take away is that for every good the movie has, it has a parallel within the same scene that ruins it completely. This was Ezra Miller Flash (annoying) meets Barry Allen Flash (normal person)
      I had to re-edit the video to remove the music. I own a license for the music but the Filmora Video Editor, apparently does not allow us to use the music for “Commercial Use” since my video is monetized the artist gets to take the money from the entire clip instead  of the 30 seconds. F that.

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      In reply to: The Flash

      it gets worse

      ‘The Flash’ Film Reportedly Features Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen “Naked A Lot” As Well As An Up Skirt Shot Of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman

      Film Threat founder Chris Gore recently appeared on Gary Buechler’s Nerdrotic channel after seeing the upcoming The Flash film and revealed that Ezra Miller’s character is “naked a lot” in the movie.


      “And then there’s another scene where the other version of Barry is completely naked,” he revealed. “And not just for a little bit of time. Like a lot. He’s naked a lot. You see his butt very clear. You don’t see the twigs and berries.”

      Thanks for saving us seeing those small details.

      Gore then revealed his reaction to this scene, “And I’m sitting here in a room with 7-year-olds watching this film thinking, ‘This is kind of inappropriate.’ The amount of nudity. One quick thing like a Coppertone ad. And I’m like this is going on like this amount of nudity is a little too much.”

      “Now, it’s all played like innocent and goofy and fun or whatever, but it’s alarming,” he added.

      If we are talking LOBO, then yay.  But for The Flash?

      “I will say this that the director definitely is not a hotphobe. Like in the Justice League action opening scene, you see a very clear shot, it might have been because I was in the front row in IMAX, of Wonder Woman’s ass. Basically her mini skirt kind of flips up and it’s like, ‘Did we just see Wonder Woman’s ass?’ And he lingers a little too long Supergirl’s ass too…”

      Sexualizing woman’s bodies?  Where is the uproar?

      (Box Office Pro) predicts the DC film will bring in between $115 million and $140 million in its opening weekend at the domestic box office and go on to bring in between $280 million and $375 million in its entire theatrical run at the domestic box office.

      And what does it need to make Worldwide?

      “According to people, not one person, we’re going to say two people, who worked directly with Warner Bros. in this realm of superheroes this is the most expensive movie ever made. Now, I did not get the distinction of by Warner Bros. or in the history of Hollywood. Your guess is as good as mine. Realistically, we’ll probably just say Warner Bros., which would still be pretty impressive.”

      “There’s a reported budget, but that’s not it. That’s not it. So I was told by these two people it needs to make $1 billion to turn a profit,”

      Too many people don’t see this film will make that much at the box office.

      And it does not help that:

      ‘The Flash’ Receives PG-13 Rating For “Sequences Of Violence, Some Strong Language And Partial Nudity”

      Nudity, even partial nudity, does NOT belong in mainstream DC comics/IP.

      This is another FAIL and will NOT help the film make money.




      I agree with you on that. I’m not a Superman fan despite liking Henry Cavill’s take on the character but I admit that I find this version of Supergirl tolerable. The only issue I have with this is Ezra Miller. Never liked him (get lost with your pronoun nonsense Twatter😡!) as The Flash but probably because I’ve never been into The Flash. Not a fan of Keaton’s take on Batman but I respect him as an actor. If I was to see it, it would be for Ben Affleck’s Batman.

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      I don’t know if he was ever convicted of grooming but there is no reason for a grown ass man to hang out casually with minors.  Maybe because Ezra Miller is a “they Them” the special rule of “Do whatever you want to do, all of the time!” applies to the case.
      It’s so crazy how a few years ago the old saying was “You could not judge a book by it’s cover” now they wear their entire personality on their sleeves & in word form so you can read what they are about just by looking at them, they are the walking screaming book.

      I might actually do a follow up video on this because I was really thinking about Michael Keaton & I want to FULLY support him, I might shoot the video today or tomorrow & I think it will be an interesting idea  what I talk about in the video.
      Also I am doing a Steven Crowder video based on ALL the BS that has surfaced.


      Never will I support Ezra Miller in anything. Same with Gunn, really. They have a history and give off Bryan Singer and Joel Schumacher vibes.


      You know why James Gunn kept Ezra Miller…  both into kids


      Hey guys, so I want to apologize in advance, I know most people find it annoying when people post their own videos, but I’m trying to grow my brand which is on point with Geeks & Gamers, against all odds, I want to succeed.
      This is my take on the Michael Keaton Flash movie. F*ck Ezra Miller. I loved Michael Keaton as Batman & being an 80s kid, he will always be Batman.
      I have no idea WHY james gunn felt so strongly about keeping that POS Ezra Miller & fired The Rock & Gal Gadot & who ever else. As if a SuperFemale & 1 Ezra Miller weren’t bad enough, we get tag teamed by the (IMO) Schizophrenic Ezra Miller.
      What do you guys think?

      Ezra Miller’s Reaction To WB Considering Cancelling The Flash Revealed

      Ezra Miller has discussed the future of The Flash with WB executives in an attempt to keep the movie on track and a new report revealed his reaction to the studio considering canceling the film. The Flash is one of the upcoming DC Extended Universe projects slated for 2023, following up on the character introduced briefly in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice before becoming a main star in 2017’s Justice League.

      Guess without the exposure this film could give Miller (and the payday), his luck at continuing his groomerism would be much limited.

      Especially once Miller heard they cancelled Batgirl and I can see he feared they would do the same with his film.

      The future of The Flash has been seemingly in jeopardy for some time, as Miller’s off-set behavior has been drawing lots of negative attention to the actor. After being arrested twice, once for harassment and once for assault in Hawaii this April, they were charged with felony burglary in Vermont earlier this month.

      Miller is ASKING to be cancelled.

      Per THR, this week Miller and their agent Scott Metzger had a meeting on the Warner Bros. lot with film chairs Michael De Luca and Pamela Abdy to discuss the future of The Flash. While the string of bad headlines dogging them hadn’t bothered the actor, the idea that The Flash might be canceled provided them the kick they needed to reconsider their behavior and make an apology.

      Which might be too little too late for alot of fans.

      However, it will remain to be seen if Miller truly keeps their image clean and seeks the treatment they have promised. If they can maintain a consistent course until next summer, however, it seems entirely possible that DCEU fans will finally be able to see The Flash.

      But do they want to in the numbers the studio is expected/needed to consider this film a success.

      However, if everything backslides and The Flash is actually canceled…

      Will come as no surprise to some, and Miller’s days as a hollywood actor is at an end.

      They’ll need a string of hits released in a regular pattern in order to re-right themselves and even begin to think about properly competing with the continued market domination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

      Considering how the meh-she-ugh has been doing lately, DC needs great quality, entertaining films right NOW.  The time is NOW for DC and they can’t afford to release garbage.

      How long did it take to bring Superman back to the big screen after the disaster that was Superman IV?  Almost two decades!

      It took almost a decade after Batman & Robin before they could get the rebooted Batman Begins.

      DC can’t afford to wait another decade if anything they put out now is GARBAGE/ruins the brand for today’s purchasing consumers.

      Sadly, Ezra and Amber (Aquaman film) are both huge NEGATIVES for the studio.

      Wokism is a huge NEGATIVE to their bottom line.

      As much of a fan of the Comic Book Flash I am (and the live action version with John Wesley Shipp as Barry Allen, police forensic scientist, and the Flash) I hate Ezra’s version, and the need for a Wally West Flash is growing bigger every day.

      I can easily see the Wally West Flash as being the future of the Flash movie franchise.


      For me, any flash with groomer Miller is DOA.

      The studio knew many DC fans disliked Miller’s potrayal of The Flash, and tried by bring in fan favorites Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton as various versions of Batman to HELP sell this film, well that is not good enough.

      If Johny Deep could be cancelled for unproven/never charged allegations/has been proven he was willfully defamed, Miller is 1,000% worst.

      We have videos of Miller attacking females.

      We have legitimate protection orders against Miller.

      We have numerous police calls/reports of unruly behavior (which are back by credible I witnesses) against Miller.

      We have child abduction and now child welfare going after Miller for questioning.

      We have charges of felony burglary against Miller.

      Miller’s Flash is DOA.

      Ezra and Amber should get together on a project sponcered by the woke sjw left.

      I am sure calls for Oscars for best lead and supporting character will be heralded before it is ever released.


      A source with knowledge of the situation says the studio appears to be preparing for three possible scenarios.

      First, Warners has received indications that the 29-year-old Miller, whose mother has accompanied the actor in recent days, will seek professional help after returning home to their farm in Vermont after being away. If that happens, Miller, who goes by they/them pronouns, could give an interview at some point explaining their erratic behavior over the past few years. The actor could then do limited press for The Flash, and the movie would open in cinemas as planned. 

      The second scenario: Even if Miller doesn’t reach out for help, Warners could still release the film. But don’t expect Miller to play a prominent role in terms of marketing and publicity. Nor would Miller be the Flash going forward, as the role would be recast in future projects.

      The third: The situation with Miller deteriorates further. This would see Warners killing the movie outright, as it could not be reshot with a different actor. Miller plays multiple characters and is in almost every scene. Scrapping a $200 million film would be an unprecedented move.

      Is it too late for WB to say they’re not affiliated with Miller?


      I wonder if they will cancel the Flash as well. No matter how bad Batgirl is, there’s no way it can harm DC’s image more than Ezra Miller at this point.
      Sucks for Keaton, if both his return performances as Batman are canned.

      Completely canceling the film also will be tough to explain to shareholders. Unless it’s a tax write off.

      It’s also really disrespectful towards the cast and crew who worked on it. Yes, maybe the movie is terrible, most likely writers and directors fucked up.
      But there’s hardly a film that couldn’t be saved with good editing and a handful of dialogue reshoots.

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        Hollywood loves to glorify sickness. Look at what is going on with Ezra Miller. It’s silence from the media on him, and he is a disgusting mental case.

        Ellen is another mental case. SHE can’t decide what she wants and or what she is because she was allowed to go hog wild and “do what thou wilt”. No one steps in and says “Hey, lets take a step back here and see what’s wrong”. Not in Hollywood, they love the sickness. They praise it. And anyone who questions it or steps outside of that small narrow box they have get’s the axe. Anyone who tries to bring a bit of decency or morality get’s cancelled. Gina Carano for example.


        Yeah Scamber Turd, BRIEEEEEE larson, Ezra Miller, Seth Rogan, Mark Ruffalo, Krazy Krapleen Kennedy, Kevin Smith, Harvey Weinstein, and Ron Perlman is up there on my list. And yes I included producers and directors I know. Oh and Jussie Smollet.

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