Sebastian Stan Will Play Donald Trump

The Winter Soldier will be donning a MAGA hat, or at least an elaborate blond wig. Deadline exclusively reports that Sebastian Stan will play President Donald Trump – before he became the President – in a biopic about Trump building his real estate business in the 70s and 80s, as well as his relationship with attorney Roy Cohn. Deadline says the film will be called The Apprentice, referencing Trump’s old reality show, but Variety claims the title is actually The Student. In addition to Stan, Jeremy Strong will play Cohn, while Maria Bakalova will play Ivan Trump. Ali Abbasi will direct the film, while Gabriel Sherman will write the script. There’s no release date yet, as it hasn’t even begun filming, but what’s the over-under they manage to get this in theaters just in time for the 2024 election?

If it’s half as funny as the above video, it may be worthwhile.

Does anybody think this movie will be anything but a parody? I’m sure it’ll be presented as “a harrowing look at the formation of a monster” or something self-important like that, but it’s a given that Trump will be a malevolent caricature of the image crafted for him. Hollywood is incapable of having a balanced view of the man, even if it’s a negative one. You know the trailer is going to play “Sympathy for the Devil” or something, and they’ll give him lines fit for Lex Luthor. If they keep the budget low enough, they may attract enough people who hate Trump to make it successful, and I’m sure it’ll win Oscars left and right, especially if it goes way overboard. But everyone knows what this is. As for Sebastian Stan, I don’t know; I like him, and I guess he could play a younger Trump. It’s better than giving him a lightsaber and pretending that Luke Skywalker meme had a good point.

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November 30, 2023 at 3:11 am

There is a movie called Citizen Cohn starring James Woods from 1992. Have not watched it but it looks good:

Whatever anyone thinks about Trump, there are some great stories around him and his books were a good read. If there is one person that has mastered mind-set, it’s him. You read his books and it’s like every day is scheduled and every experience is phenomenal, just the way he speaks about it. I’ve met other CEOs that are like that. They kind of spin every negative into a positive and they are always building and always selling and really, always serving and giving to some degree. They way Trump writes, it’s like everyone he meets is special.

If you ever go downtown and see those Ice rinks that are now normal, I think a lot of that was based on Trump’s work on Wollman Rink in Central Park, New York.

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