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REVIEW: Andor Season 1, Episode 12, “Rix Road”

***SPOILERS*** Brasso learns that Cassian is likely on his way home. Mon Mothma confronts Perrin about gambling on Coruscant. Vel joins Cinta on Ferrix. Pegla finds Cassian waiting for Bix and tells him where she is. Cassian listens to Nemik’s manifesto. Blevin talks to Mon Mothma’s driv...

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REVIEW: American Horror Story Season 11, Episodes 9 and 10, “Requiem 1981/1987” Parts 1 and 2

***SPOILERS*** “Requiem 1981/1987 Part 1” opens at Theo’s funeral, where Sam collapses. In a sort of dreamscape, Theo appears as a doctor and shows Sam the effects of his illness. He then finds himself held prisoner by Henry and Big Daddy. Then, we check in with Gino and Patrick, t...

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REVIEW: Andor – Season 1, Episode 11, “Daughter of Ferrix”

***SPOILERS*** In “Daughter of Ferrix,” we learn that Marva has passed away. Cassian and Melshi are captured and eventually helped by strangers. Dedra encourages the ISB to give the Daughters of Ferrix a permit for Marva’s funeral to draw them out. Vel informs Clea of Marva’s...

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REVIEW: American Horror Story Season 11, Episode 8, “Fire Island”

***SPOILERS*** “Fire Island” fittingly sees Patrick, Gino, Adam, and Theo arrive on the island. Gino and Patrick immediately struggle to relax, both suffering the fallout of Whitley’s attacks. Henry comes to the island and professes his love to Gino, who doesn’t take it well....

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REVIEW: Andor – Season 1, Episode 10, “One Way Out”

**SPOILERS** In “One Way Out,” news spreads across the prison that nobody’s getting out. The ISB find a ship planted by Antor Creeger to lure them in. Marva won’t take her medicine because it makes her nauseous. Mon Mothma meets with Davo Sculdurn, the unscrupulous banker Taye found. She’s...

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REVIEW: American Horror Story Season 11, Episode 6, “The Body”

***SPOILERS*** “The Body” fittingly opens with two men finding a body on the beach. They report it to Patrick, who then alerts Sam. Patrick and Gino question Dr. Wells about the Fire Island fire victims. She doesn’t tell them anything because of confidentiality, but she recommends ...

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