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REVIEW: Belle (2021)

The American release of Studio Chizu’s dazzling anime spectacle, Belle, has finally arrived. Loosely based on Beauty and the Beast, Belle is a stunning reimagining of the French fairy tale. Released in Japan on July 16, 2021, Belle made its U.S. debut on January 14, 2022. From director Mamoru Hoso...

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REVIEW: The Book of Boba Fett – Season 1, Episode 3, “The Streets of Mos Espa”

*SPOILERS* In “The Streets of Mos Espa,” Boba Fett hears of trouble in his territory as criminals steal water from a local farmer. All isn’t as it seems, though, as the trouble makers are unemployed and overcharged for necessities like water. Boba hires them into his entourage and orders the f...

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How Cobra Kai Gets It Right

At this point, the announcement of a franchise revival elicits an immediate dread in said franchise’s fans. We’ve been duped too many times to get our hopes up for a worthy sequel that makes us feel anything close to the magic of the original film, series, or whatever piece of art is set to be &...

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REVIEW: Cobra Kai Season 4 (2021)

Cobra Kai rang in 2022 – or, rather, ended 2021 – by giving us the fourth chapter in its dueling dojos saga, and what a way to start a new year! With season 4, Cobra Kai continues its unbroken winning streak with another round of episodes that perfectly balance character arcs, a compelling story...

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REVIEW: Yellowstone – Season 4, Episode 7 “Keep the Wolves Close”

With only three episodes left until the finale, Yellowstone season four has been moving at a much slower pace than its previous seasons, much to the chagrin of a lot of its dedicated fanbase. But it’s all about to pay off. One by one, the loose plot threads that have been dangling separately o...

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REVIEW: Young Justice – Season 4, Phantoms, Episodes 10 and 11, “Nomed Esir!” and “Teg Ydaer!”

  ***SPOILERS AHEAD*** “Nomed Esir!” opens with more flashbacks, this time to the development of Atlantis under the watchful eye of Vandal Savage. In the present, Zatanna and her students are licking their wounds when the Stranger finds them. Meanwhile, Klarion faces off against Child. ...

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