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The Bikeriders Trailer Heads Out on the Highway

Leave your helmet behind because 20th Century Studios has released a trailer for The Bikeriders. “Inspired” by Danny Lyon’s photo-book of the same name, The Bikeriders chronicles the evolution of a fictional motorcycle gang called the Vandals, as told through the eyes of one of their girlfrie...

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Pain Hustlers Trailer is Good for What Ails You

Make sure your health insurance is paid up because Netflix has released a trailer for the upcoming crime film Pain Hustlers. Based on the book The Hard Sell: Crime and Punishment at an Opioid Startup by Evan Hughes, Pain Hustlers follows high school dropout and single mother Liza Drake, who takes ...

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The Boy and the Heron (How Do You Live) Gets a Trailer… Sort Of

Hayao Miyazaki’s next film – which is rumored to be the famed director’s last – The Boy and the Heron, has a unique distinction in that Studio Ghibli has elected not to market it traditionally. The film won’t have trailers or other promotional materials. However, this Friday, they did rele...

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Ferrari Trailer is in to Win

Another racing movie is speeding towards movie screens as Neon has released the first trailer for Michael Mann’s Ferrari. Based on the book Enzo Ferrari: The Man and the Machine about the life of Enzo Ferrari, the man behind the Ferrari car manufacturer, Ferrari is a passion project for Mann, ...

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HBO Cancels The Idol

HBO has reportedly canceled The Idol, this year’s drama series from Abel “The Weekend” Tesfaye and Sam Levinson. This follows extensive reshoots during the first – and now, only – season of the series and the decreased episode count from 6 to 5. An HBO spokesperson had this to say abou...

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Michael Oher, Subject of The Blind Side, Sues Family Who Took Him In

Remember The Blind Side, the hokey family movie about a well-to-do couple who adopt a high school kid and help him become a football star, the one that won Sandra Bullock an Oscar? (Have you noticed the Academy loves giving the Actress awards to overacted performances?) It’s unexpectedly in the ne...

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