Star Wars “Wookieepedia” Adds Pronouns to Character Bios

Well, it looks like Star Wars just goes more woke with every waking day. The Wookiepedia Star Wars fandom page has added pronouns to their characters’ bio. And if you dared to criticize the ridiculousness of pronouns, you are blocked, and/or your comment is hidden:

And because Star Wars hates all straight, masculine men, they made Anakin Skywalker a “she/her” pronoun just for fun.

And Luke Skywalker was a “they/he” for a few minutes, too, just for laughs.

Reminder that these are the same people that think you are a bigot and intolerable if you accidentally use “the wrong pronoun.” All you have to do is look at their Twitter profile photo:

Star Wars pronouns

Double yikes!

Check out Geeks +Gamers’ Lethal Lightning‘s video below:

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