Super Nintendo World Plane Takes Flight

Ever wanted to take flight with Mario but can’t find a raccoon tail? You’re in luck – for the next few months, at least – as Universal Studios Hollywood and Spirit Airlines have joined forces to make Airbus A320neo, an airplane with a Super Nintendo World theme. The plane will fly from various airports around the country, with today’s inaugural flight going from Detroit, Michigan, to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Flights will continue through May, though bookings are contingent on the plane’s schedule. This is one of several ways Universal Studios is celebrating the one-year anniversary of Super Nintendo World at the Hollywood park (the one in Osaka, Japan, opened in 2021), with other treats including a “ Golden Power-Up Band,” a button, and a Power Up Cafe. Additionally, Spirit Airlines is hosting a sweepstakes for a trip for four to Universal Studios Hollywood on the Super Nintendo World plane from your closest airport to LAX, plus hotel accommodations and two-day general admissions passes to the theme park, which you can enter right here.

The band and button look pretty lame, but the Super Nintendo World plane is a cool idea. It seems a bit odd to have it traveling all over the country, though; why not have it be a Universal Studios exclusive, only bringing people to LAX? It’s only going to be flying for a couple of months, so they might as well go all-in on the tie-in aspect. Regardless, I’m sure it could be fun for Super Mario Bros. fans if they jazz up the flying experience with Nintendo-based accommodations and confections. They’re fuzzy on those kinds of details right now, which makes me wonder if it’s just a regular plane with Mario painted on it. I also wonder about how much tickets will be; I’d be surprised if there isn’t an extra charge for the Super Nintendo World plane; this is mostly advertising for Universal Studios Hollywood, so I would think Spirit would have to be getting something out of the deal. If there is a higher ticket price,  a lack of special features once you’re in the air would be even more egregious. But I guess we’ll have to wait till people who’ve flown Toadstool Air begin reporting about the experience; maybe they went all-out, and it’s a fun time.

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