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Evil Winnie the Pooh will Team Up with Other Twisted Fairy Tales in Poohniverse

If you’re tired of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, bored with Legendary’s Monsterverse, and already rolling your eyes at the upcoming DC Universe (not to be confused with the DC Extended Universe), you may have an alternative in the newly announced Poohniverse. No, really, I’m stone sober; that...

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Tim Burton’s Divorce From Disney

Deadline reports that Tim Burton is done with Disney after his experience making Dumbo. Burton was honored with the Prix award at the Lumiere film festival in Lyon. In a conversation with Deadline, Burton compares Disney to “a horrible big circus” and says Dumbo was somewhat autobiographical. R...

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You Should Be Watching – Alice: Through the Looking Glass

“Everyone parts with everything eventually, my dear.” The first in a new line of live-action remakes from Disney, Alice Wonderland opened in 2010 to tremendous financial success and mixed critical reviews. I remember seeing the characters on pencil cases, bookbags, clothing and more when the mov...

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