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Alphacore #1 is Another Win for the Rippaverse

With its third book and second title, the Rippaverse continues its epic introduction into the comic book world. Isom’s first two issues had pre-order campaigns totaling $3,737,920 and $2,351,589.00, respectively. The third campaign, for Alphacore #1, finished tonight with $1,300,694.00 from 13,25...

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Merry Little Batman Trailer is like Getting Socks for Christmas

This Christmas, DC Animation is giving us a gift that will make us wish for coal. Amazon has released a trailer for Merry Little Batman, an upcoming animated Christmas movie set in the DC Universe. Merry Little Batman finds Damian Wayne left alone at Christmastime while Batman responds to a Justice...

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Blue Beetle Director Pitched Bane Origin Movie

Angel Manuel Soto had a different idea for his DC Universe debut. The director of the upcoming Blue Beetle told Den of Geek that when Warner Bros. called him about a DC project, he didn’t realize they already had one in mind and pitched them several ideas. One of those was a Bane origin movie. &he...

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Final Trailer for Gotham Series Finale Arrives Online

We caught an early glimpse of Batman’s beginning as the full trailer for the Gotham series finale has been released. Normally I try to avoid trailers like this, but this one was just too intriguing. Check out the Gotham series finale trailer below: At first blush, we have a smattering of scenes wi...

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REVIEW: Gotham – Season 5, Episode 11, “They Did What?”

On the last episode of Gotham, Bane’s attack continued, Alfred broke his back, and General Wade ordered an attack on the city. A part of me was a bit miffed about the fact that the producers had insisted on a glorified Dark Knight Rises adaptation, yet I can’t deny that this storyline has served...

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REVIEW: Gotham – Season 5, Episode 10 “I Am Bane”

Two weeks ago, a trial culminated in a wedding. In many ways, it would’ve been poetic to have the show end there, particularly as it was the last episode to be filmed. However, the producers have a couple of treats for us before a much-anticipated time jump, and it starts with what will be the &he...

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