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REVIEW: American Horror Story Season 11, Episode 5, “Bad Fortune”

***SPOILERS*** In “Bad Fortune,” Kathy hires Fran to work as a psychic. We learn that Adam is Hannah’s sperm donor. They visit Fran, who pulls the death card, indicating that Sully is dead. Barbara is reluctant to sign the divorce papers. She finally does, but immediately passes ou...

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REVIEW: American Horror Story – Season 11, Episodes 3 and 4, “Smoke Signals” and “Black Out”

***SPOILERS*** In “Smoke Signals,” Gino’s investigation leads him to a house fire and his kidnapper. Patrick’s interest in leather bars resurfaces as a means to investigate. He has a run-in with Sam after the latter’s prisoner escapes, but it proves a dead end. Hannah s...

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REVIEW: American Horror Story – Season 11, Episode 2, “Thank You For Your Service”

*SPOILERS* In “Thank You For Your Service,” Gino wakes up in a strange place. His captor prepares to make a sacrifice of him but decides to release him upon discovering his veteran status. Meanwhile, Hannah prescribes a pill to Sam for an STD. Her office is full of queer people with rash...

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REVIEW: American Horror Story Season 11: New York City – Episode 1, “Something’s Coming”

Season 11 of American Horror Story is here, and the action is set in 1981 New York City. The story centers on the gay counterculture struggling for acceptance and a voice while one in their midst hunts them down. Let’s dive in.   *SPOILERS* “Something’s Coming” introduces...

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American Horror Story: New York City Revealed

Today American Horror Story’s season 11 release date and theme were FINALLY unveiled! Episodes will air beginning on October 19th, and this season will be set in New York City. Returning cast members include Zachary Quinto, Sandra Bernhard, Billie Lourd, and more. Check out a poster for American ...

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REVIEW: American Horror Story – Season 10, Episodes 4 and 5, “Blood Buffet” and “Gaslight”

*SPOILERS* “Blood Buffet” is a flashback episode, turning the clock back five years to when the Chemist arrived in Cape Cod. She meets Mickey at The Muse and pays him to come home with her. All she wants is to talk, and while Mickey rejects her offer to take the black pill, he agrees to ...

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