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Why I’m Excited: The Mandalorian

Like most fans, I’ve heard several stories about a potential Star Wars live action TV show. First, former Lucasfilm executive Rick McCallum talked about the idea for a show called Star Wars: Underworld seemingly being developed in tandem with a still in the works Clone Wars animated TV series. Af...

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Jon Favreau’s Star Wars Series Called The Mandalorian

As the franchise chugs along under the Disney banner, Jon Favreau has revealed that the name of his live-action Star Wars series will be The Mandalorian. Making the announcement on his Instagram account, Favreau also released the synopsis for the sci-fi show… After the stories of Jango and Bob...

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Future Star Wars Story Films On Hold

The aftermath of Solo: A Star Wars Story’s failure grows as Collider reports that Lucasfilm has shelved plans for future installments in the Star Wars Story anthology series, meaning that both the Obi-Wan Kenobi and Boba Fett entries, which have gotten much press of late, appear to be off the tabl...

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