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Allison Williams QUITS ESPN | Disney Looking To Dump Sports?

ESPN just lost a college football reporter of considerable stature and may be losing their parent company as well. Allison Williams was taken off ESPN’s college football coverage after refusing to get jabbed up. On October 18th, Williams announced that she was quitting her job over that very manda...

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“Let’s Go Brandon” Reaches #1 on iTunes Hip-Hop Charts and at Liberty College

“Let’s Go Brandon” is a national phenomenon sweeping across the nation! From raucous college football crowds to the iTunes hip-hop charts, there’s no stopping the overwhelming popularity of the chant that is doing a better job at unifying the country than anything else has over the past nine...

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College Football Trend of “F*** Joe Biden” Chants Could Continue Into Week 3 of the Season

For the first two weeks of the college football season, fans have been serenading the Commander-in-Chief with some rather spicy chants. There’s just a certain ring to “F— Joe Biden.” Phonetically, it rolls off the tongue, and when you are trying to get a point across, brevity is the soul...

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