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REVIEW: Doom Patrol – Season 4, Episode 9, “Immortimus Patrol”

“Immortimus Patrol ” is a musical-holiday episode. Immortimus is everyone’s favorite holiday, a special day to spend with family, being thankful for the great Immortus and all she has given. The antics reveal greater chemistry between Casey and Jane, even if the former doesn’...

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REVIEW: Gen V – Season 1, Episode 6, “Jumanji”

Before we really get into it, I just wanted to express my cautious excitement at Gen V’s renewal at Amazon Prime Video. I’m enjoying the show so far and doubt the next three episodes will bring a solid overall conclusion. I’m glad to hear that they’re already planning the next season. What...

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The Flash: FLASHPOINT (Paradox) | Comic Lore and History REVISTITED

INTRODUCTION “There’s only one thing I know about life. I know some things happen by chance. And some things happen because we make them happen. Barry Allen was once haunted by the past. But when he became the Flash, he left the ghosts behind. He found love. A family. And for the first time ...

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Gal Gadot May Play Wonder Woman Again

At Netflix’s TUDUM event, Gal Gadot playfully implied that she may not be done with Wonder Woman and DC just yet. Check out her response to Entertainment Tonight when asked if she would reprise the role here: “Things are being worked behind the scenes… and once the right moment arr...

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An Interview With Gary AKA Nerdrotic

Gary From Nerdrotic was only seven minutes late to the interview! Blabbering Collector: When did you decide to start collecting, and why? Gary: Oh boy! I started collecting even before I intended to! I was five or six; my mom bought me a comic book at a 7/11. She bought me Marvel Team-Up 42 because ...

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Morbius Trailer Arrives Online

Today, Sony released the first trailer for Morbius. The latest installment in Sony’s expanded Spider-Man universe, the film marks the first time (not including the cameo for the alternate ending to Blade) the Roy Thomas and Gil Kane-created character has been portrayed on the big screen. Check out...

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