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Report: Netflix Purposefully Made Cuties Poster More Provocative

According to Decider, Netflix made a concerted effort to make the promotional material for 2020’s Cuties – yes, that Cuties – more provocative, despite employees’ discomfort with the pseudo-pedophilia. One year after the united (mostly united) distaste for the film’s borderline-pedophilic ...

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Jordan Peele Wants to Make Movies About Black People, and That’s OK

This Monday, in a conversation with students at Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, Jordan Peele made some remarks about race and the casting of his movies. Specifically, he plans to continue casting black lead actors after his successful horror films Get Out and Us. Any time you mention race (or, let...

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Kevin Hart Steps Down as Oscar Host

Well, that was fast. Two days after he announced he would host the 2019 Academy Awards ceremony, comedian Kevin Hart has “resigned” from the prestigious gig. This comes amid a controversy over some tweets and stand-up comedy bits about homosexuality deemed offensive by the usual “They” and t...

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Flag Controversy Follows First Man Trailer

In yet another reminder that everything that comes out of Hollywood has to be political (well, most things, at least), the new First Man trailer was released a few days ago, and in its wake is a controversy. First Man is the story of astronaut Neil Armstrong and his road to becoming the first man &h...

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