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The Epic Race to 1 MILLION Subs Has Claimed a Victor

We were told man buns are ghey, and this proves it. The epic race to ONE MILLION subscribers with Gary Buechler of Nerdrotic and Dan Vasc, a talented, flamboyant metal singer, has reached its crescendo. It all began with a tweet from the latter challenging the former to this race on their respective...

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Dan Vasc Started Gamergate 2.0

If you listen to games journalists, their favorite boogeyman, Gamergate, has been resurrected thanks to the attention Sweet Baby Inc. has garnered over its woke gaming content. Curators were started, videos and articles were made, and The Daily Wire even took notice, with every screeching internet h...

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Nerdrotic and Dan Vasc in the Race to a Million Subs

Forget Ali and Foreman; the world’s greatest showdown is happening right now on YouTube. Gary of Nerdrotic and Dan Vasc, world-famous musician, are in a heated contest to see whose YouTube channel can reach 1 million subscribers first. The stakes are that, if Gary wins, Dan must sing a song Gary w...

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An Interview With Dan Vasc

I recently sat down with Brazilian metal singer Van Dasc… I mean Dan Vasc! Blabbering Collector: How and when did you get involved with Geeks + Gamers? Dan: It all started with Disney Star Wars, when The Force Awakens [came out], I was like, “Screw this, I’m out!” And The Las...

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